Utility Week Live, 22nd - 23rd May 2018


Exhibitor Videos

A selection of videos submitted by exhibitors

  • https://youtu.be/NJpiUhAyMi0

    SeSys - Our company, products and what we can do for you

    Learn more about SeSys, our products and what we can do for you.
  • https://youtu.be/dYX1iyxKHQU

    SeSys ATEX and IECEx certified 6 megapixel IP CCTV cameras

    SeSys manufacturer a range of 6 mega pixel ATEX and IECEx certified IP CCTV cameras for use in hazardous environments.
  • https://youtu.be/N9UCNHU28dk

    SeSys' rapidly deployable Torch Camera

    SeSys's multi-award winning Torch Camera is ideal for security monitoring, emergency/disaster response and public area and remote plant monitoring.
  • https://youtu.be/xASowE0Bpg8

    Power & Water: How the process works!

    4 Nov 2016
    Introducing the "World-first" Soneco process: Combined Electrolysis & Power Ultrasound for efficient water and wastewater treatment. Powerful treatment yet Environmentally-friendly!
  • ETAP Corporate Powering The World

    by: ETAP Automation
    ETAP has been powering success for over 30 years by providing the most comprehensive and widely-used enterprise solution for generation, transmission, distribution, industrial, transportation, & LV.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2bewRQv18k

    Corporate company video

  • Substation health and safety

    by: Mark Cowan 10 Nov 2016
    Undetected Substation earthing metal theft leads to risk of death or serious harm and service continuity challenges. Simon Jarvis and Nicol Gray demonstrate a real time monitoring solution.
  • https://youtu.be/BOdJc3dHoOo

    About Kirona

    by: Laraine Geddes 15 Dec 2016
    Neil Harvey, CTO at Kirona explains how Kirona enables organisations that provide field based services to improve productivity, customer service, streamline processes whilst reducing costs.
  • FiloSeal+HD Duct Sealing System

    by: Carl Pike 5 Jan 2017
    FiloSeal+ HD introduction and Installation video.
  • LSBUD User Video

    by: LSBUD 16 Jan 2017
    An introduction to the benefits of using LSBUD
  • LSBUD Member Video

    by: LSBUD 16 Jan 2017
    An introduction to the benefits of LSBUD Membership for asset owners
  • https://youtu.be/tTJPlA6ziJY

    Modular 300 Series Pipe Puller

    by: Simon Drain
    Modular 300 Series Pipe Puller for replacement of leaking service pipes or replacement of old lead, copper, steel, pvc supply pipe infrastructure.
  • https://youtu.be/A0eC8pyZR6w

    Integrated 400 Series Pipe Puller

    by: Simon Drain
    Integrated 400 Series Pipe Puller for the replacement of galvanised steel supply pipes
  • e-Safe+

    by: Alan Jones 6 Jul 1905
    The Award winning easy to use tool that provides an immediate colour coded indication for the likely presence of buried services, with options for depth estimation and logging of operator usage.
  • e-SpadeLite IMO

    by: Alan Jones 6 Jul 1905
    A dedicated tool for undertaking non-destructive electronic trial holes with options for automated detection and mapping of utilities.
  • e-SpottHF

    by: Alan Jones 6 Jul 1905
    A fast to use non-destructive method for the identification of likely areas of non-compliance prior to coring, on bituminous based highway reinstatement,
  • Introducing the EIC Hub

    2 Feb 2017
    This is a new digital platform to connect the energy networks with innovators
  • Ansell HyFlex 11-818

  • Ansell PowerFlex 80-813

  • https://youtu.be/HCCzppxXUug

    Aria™ FAST Mobile Water Solutions

    by: Pall Water 2 Sep 2017
    Mobile Membrane Technology to treat water on demand for both municipal and industrial customers.
  • https://youtu.be/bzPMsp9A0PI

    Aria™ Membrane Solutions from Pall

    by: Pall Water 2 Sep 2017
    Aria™ Membrane Solutions fit your water needs for both municipal and industrial applications.
  • s=53888644a911ecdb4259af60b1fe4ba5ddf46adb&profile_id=119

    Water Network Maintenance with Sarco Stopper Innovative Solutions

    by: John Menzies 11 Mar 2017
    Sarco Stopper Innovative Line Stopping and Bypass Solutions deliver a Calm Network approach to Repair and Maintenance activities without interrupting customer supplies.
  • SENSORCORE Adaptive Embedded Intelligence

    by: Edward Klinger 31 Oct 2016
    SENSORCORE’s hardware and software platform delivers an array of critical safety and security applications by integrating sensors and networks to create ruggedized products.
  • Manhole Monitoring System (MMS) - Stray Voltage

    by: Edward Klinger 28 Dec 2016
    The MMS mitigates the risks from flooding, stray/contact voltage and exploding covers as well as securing manholes, boxes, chambers, vaults, cabinets, kiosks and bunkers.
  • Overhead Line Monitoring System (OHLMS)

    by: Edward Klinger 31 Oct 2016
    The OHLMS monitors the integrity of overhead conductors and poles used to distribute electricity. Scalable across vast distances, the OHLMS reduces exposure of both public and operators to danger.
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

    by: Edward Klinger 29 May 2016
    The IDS protects critical infrastructure – electricity substations, water reservoirs, diesel tanks, oil rigs, gas pipelines, container terminals, telecom towers – from interference or intrusion.
  • myJobCard Overview - Mobile work and asset management app

    Boost Your Productivity, Workplace Safety and Reliability with myJobCard. myJobCard is a mobile Work and Asset Management application which integrates with SAP.
  • Manhole Monitoring System (MMS) - Explosions

    by: Edward Klinger 16 Mar 2017
    The MMS mitigates the risks from stray/contact voltage and exploding covers as well as securing manholes, boxes, chambers, vaults, cabinets, kiosks and bunkers from intrusion, theft and vandalism.
  • https://youtu.be/-0FvpNcvI5U

    PULSAR® Active LED enhanced Coat

    by: PULSAR® 27 Mar 2017
  • ETAP Grid™ for Transmission systems

    27 Mar 2017
    An overview of ETAP Grid™ for Transmission systems. Combine detailed substation models, network topology, system analysis, and SCADA/EMS into one common database.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CP-RnCr5z0I

    Developing a Mobile App

    by: Rob Sturgess 30 Mar 2017
    Find out how we create award winning mobile apps
  • Omexom UK & ROI

    An overlook of Omexom in the UK & ROI.
  • Do you know Omexom?

    Do you know Omexom, the VINCI Energies brand specializing in projects for the production, transport, transformation and distribution of electrical energy?
  • What is Omexom?

    What is Omexom? Learn about the specific features of this VINCI Energies brand which produces and delivers electricity throughout the world.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fS-qKZ4NQUk

    Screening, Grit and Sludge equipment from SPIRAC

  • Connected Drone

    11 Apr 2017
    Our goal is to reduce the operational cost, increase the stability of the grid, prevent fatal accidents.
  • eSmart

    11 Apr 2017
    eSmart Systems provide one platform to support both energy and smart city scenarios, based on Microsoft Azure.
  • eSmart and Azure

    11 Apr 2017
    eSmart Systems are proud to be a part of Microsoft’s annual Build developer’s conference
  • eSmart Big Data

    11 Apr 2017
    Mission ePossible - Let's make the best of it and embark on the journey towards a future full of possibilities. Towards a future of the truly smart grid.
  • PPC at E-world Energy & Water

    14 Apr 2014
    Impression of the company and products at Germany's largest Utility Tradeshow
  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW6CBCRoYgGm9-8QHfm7lKA

    Removal of protective coatings from structural steel

    by: Hydron Industrial 11 Dec 2016
    Protective coatings stripped quickly with minimal noise, no HAVs, no additional blast media, reduced impact and clean up, all thanks to the RPR 1650 coating removal system.
  • Thermal Image Powerline Inspections

    An introduction to Thermal Image power line inspections using our Polytech Kelvin 350 mk1 camera system.
  • Corona Powerline Inspections

    An Introduction to Corona Discharge Patrols by PDG Helicopters. The video features our Polytech gyro-stabilised Corona 350 system that uses a Daycor UV sensor to see the corona discharge.
  • Powerline Inspection

    PDG Helicopters Power Line Division on Thermal Image Patrols, featured on the BBC series 'Britain From Above'.
  • How United Utilities simplified their customer experience

    by: Mando 16 Dec 2016
    Brief case study highlighting how Mando helped United Utilities simplifying their customers digital experiences through a My Account Portal
  • WCCTV Demonstration Footage

    by: Daniel del Soldato 18 Apr 2017
    WCCTV provides a range of site security solutions to compounds of all sizes. for more information visit www.wcctv.co.uk
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CCczMiNnGk

    Oxford Plastics Avalon Barrier

    The Avalon is our most versatile barrier, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications in 3 sizes. The Avalon is Chapter 8 Streetworks compliant and provides both stability and security for pedestrian
  • Funke Renovation Socket Lateral Pipe Connection

    21 Apr 2017
    The Funke Renovation Socket is designed to repair defective lateral connections to existing concrete and clay pipes.
  • Funke VPC Flexible Pipe Coupler

    21 Apr 2017
    The VPC Flexible Pipe Coupler allows pipes of the same nominal diameter but made of different materials to be connected to one another safely, reliably, and with the best possible results.
  • Funke HS Pipe

    21 Apr 2017
    The HS drainage pipe system is a complete system with excellent technical properties available in diameters from 110mm to 800mm.
  • https://youtu.be/BCZD0OL-dgI

    Oxford Plastics LowPro 15/05 Road Plate

    The Oxford Plastic LowPro 15/05 Road Plate is a modular, composite safety solution for trench holes. Suitable for industrial, utilities, and construction sectors.
  • Adler & Allan - Adalline® 400 Polyurea Coating Box Trick

    by: Adler and Allan
  • Think you’ve run out of time to deliver your building project?

    by: Portakabin 4 May 2017
    You can have the inspiring permanent building you want, in half the time you thought it would take - if it’s made by Portakabin.
  • https://vimeo.com/215054520/cd9009cd0c


    9 May 2017
    About Cadent (formerly National Grid Gas Distribution)
  • GE Digital's APM Enables Intelligent Asset Strategies

    10 May 2017
    Intelligent asset strategies collect and manage data to help maximize asset and operational performance continuously.
  • Straightpoint load monitoring

    by: Straightpoint
  • Introduction to Elgin

    by: Elgin 1 May 2017
    Elgin is the home of roadworks.org. We’re all about making roads work through better planning, management and communication.
  • https://youtu.be/_o9vhkfCD7Y

    ICEE Overview

    17 May 2017
    From design for manufacturing and fabrication, to installation, commissioning, decommissioning and life-time maintenance of systems and related equipment, our end-to-end solution process is designed t
  • Sapphire Utility Solutions - who we are!

    by: Dale Hartley 18 May 2017
    Sapphire Utility Solutions are maintaining today for your tomorrow. This is who we are and what we do.
  • Adler and Allan - The Breeze Block Test

    by: Adler and Allan
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cgkrUB3TMY

    BDSS Ltd Traffic Management

    by: BDSS 19 May 2017
  • Adler and Allan - Utility Week Live 2017 Teaser

    by: Adler and Allan
  • https://youtu.be/IxMjPxou0KI

    Galaxy Pro

    by: Nightsearcher 19 May 2017
    The Galaxy-Pro rechargeable LED Floodlight, designed using the toughest composite materials for use in industrial applications where it is essential to have robust, maintenance free products.
  • https://youtu.be/gxudQTlbKyk

    Pulsar Pro - Rechargeable Hazard Warning Lights

    by: Nightsearcher 19 May 2017
    The PULSAR Pro is a multi-mode, rechargeable LED warning lights; designed for traffic control, signalling, hazard awareness, zone demarcations and vehicle safety.
  • https://youtu.be/qVNbgctd_pw

    NightSearcher Handlamp - TRIO550

    by: Nightsearcher 19 May 2017
    The TRIO-550 has a long range beam of up to 500m, the TRIO 550 is ideal for Patrolling, Security Guards, Search & Rescue, and with robust construction it’s durable enough for all applications.
  • https://youtu.be/ZMNQQirANMY

    Solaris Duo Li-ion Range

    by: Nightsearcher 19 May 2017
    Supplied and incorporated in a specialist outdoor case, so robust that we offer a limited lifetime guarantee. The Solaris Duo range truly is the best replacement for generator powered halogen.
  • PULSAR® Collection Video 1

    19 May 2017
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The best industry exhibition I have ever been to. Thought provoking, interesting, good networking, with a positive feel to the whole event… it was excellent!

Jacob Tompkins OBE, Managing Director, Waterwise