Utility Week Live, 22nd - 23rd May 2018

Steve Burley

Steve Burley

streetworks strategy & compliance manager, Anglian Water Services

Steve Burley is a Streetworks Strategy & Compliance Manager at Anglian Water Services. He has a huge amount of practical knowledge in the street works sector, with over 35 years experience in the water industry. He chairs and participates in a number of HAUC (UK) and NJUG Working Groups and NJUG Expert Practitioner Groups. He is active in the Penalties and Performance Expert Practitioner Group and NJUG's Operations Group. He is also the chair of the NJUG Training and Expert Practitioner Group and co-chair of the HAUC (UK) Training and Accreditation Working Group.


The best industry exhibition I have ever been to. Thought provoking, interesting, good networking, with a positive feel to the whole event… it was excellent!

Jacob Tompkins OBE, Managing Director, Waterwise