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We are extremely lucky to be joined by two renowned figures at this year's Keynote - Zoe Kleinman and Robert Llewellyn.

Key to any business transition is the adoption of new ways of thinking and operating, plus an understanding of key technologies and the impact they are making on utilities. Both speakers are well-placed to provide unrivaled insights from their shared wealth of experience.

Zoe Kleinman

Zoe Kleinman is a leading technology journalist and presenter, with a passion for all things tech.

From cybersecurity and hacking to AI and driverless cars, she brings tech stories to a mainstream global audience of millions across international radio, TV and online outlets (including Radio 4's Today programme and BBC World News). With over 10 years of broadcasting experience, she also travels the world in search of the Next Big Thing.

Zoe will be sharing her views on how and why utilities could benefit from the very latest tech developments on the Keynote stage, day one (21 May '19), at 11.45am.

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Robert Llewellyn

Robert Llewellyn is a British actor, comedian, writer and presenter. A high-profile advocate for electric cars, Robert presents YouTube series Fully Charged to over 440,000 subscribers with over 2 million views a month.

With his experience, knowledge and interest in electric transport of all kinds, plus alternative energy sources, he is ideally placed to give an expert keynote address on the challenges facing the UK energy sector.

Hear Robert's unique take on the UK's low carbon transport revolution on the Keynote stage, day two (22 May '19), at 12.55pm.

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