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Forget blue skies. This is frontline, actionable insight that will change your business for the better.

Are utilities really ready to lead the charge on net zero? And are they genuinely creating cultures of innovation – or is it just so much lip service? Utility Week Live’s big picture keynote sessions will ask the experts the big questions facing your business, with talks including: 

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  1. Keynote stage
    75 mins
    To achieve true resilience, meaningful adaptation action is needed now. In this session, we will explore utilities’ approaches to adaptation planning and ask how they are building resilience to respond to the impacts of climate change already present, as well as preparing for future impacts.
  1. Keynote stage
    75 mins

    This session will explore how we can change behaviours to reduce consumption of both water and energy and how companies and customers can work together to drive down carbon – engaging customers on their path to net zero and accelerating change.

  1. Keynote stage
    60 mins
    • Delivering net zero
    Individually and collectively, utilities need to take control of their own net zero journey. This session will bring insight and inspiration to those aiming to up the pace and ambition of their transition to a more sustainable future – looking at what immediate actions companies are taking to reduce emissions, decarbonise our electricity supply and remove or offset their residual emissions – to deliver on net zero targets.
  1. Keynote stage
    45 mins
    The regulators in both energy and water are keen to support the innovation agenda – each run dedicated innovation funds, for example, and regulatory regimes for both markets demand evidence of innovation. But critics suggest that regulation, being risk-averse by nature, is the enemy of innovation. Can the two sit happily together? And how can regulators create frameworks that genuinely support innovation?
  1. Keynote stage
    60 mins
    • Creating the conditions for innovation
    Innovation takes more than a moment of inspiration. This session will explore the many factors that need to come together, including culture, diversity, capabilities, technologies and more to create the conditions for sustained and meaningful collaboration and innovation. 
  1. Keynote stage
    75 mins
    CIOs and their teams are charged with delivering digital transformations that will revolutionise the utilities sector. But what challenges do they face in doing so? How close is their alignment with wider organisational goals? What issues are they facing in association with legacy technology estates and how are they moving to fill critical data gaps and improve overall digital governance? 

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