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Challenge Programme

Utility Week Live

Building data infrastructure for digitalised utilities  - a whole system challenge

17 May 2023
Data and digitalisation

The smart energy and water networks of the future – capable of delivering net zero infrastructure at least cost to consumers and of supporting innovation in system operation, products and services – will be founded on complex flows of data between multiple stakeholders and systems. To enable this, we must think of data as infrastructure in its own right and aim for a world where data can be leveraged across organisational and sector boundaries without compromises to security or service reliability. This session will explore the latest thinking on data as infrastructure for the utilities of the future and shed light on the steps being taken to deliver data interoperability at a whole system level. Join to hear:  

  • Progress reports from major asset information initiatives in the UK and how these will feed into a future whole system data infrastructure  

  • Latest thinking on how to deliver data interoperability across and between sectors 

  • Expert views on how to handle risk and protect data security 

  • Expectations of the timeline for creating the sectors open data infrastructure of future  

Chair: Dr Richard Dobson, Energy Digitalisation Task Force 

Icebreaker One - connecting data to inform net zero decisions  
Kathryn Corrick, Development and strategy director, Icebreaker One

Creating an energy system ‘Digital Spine’ to deliver interoperability across the sector 
Simon Evans, Global digital energy leader, Arup

Ofwat Innovation Funded project Stream – designing and delivering a ‘network of data pipes’  
Andrew Myers, Lead architect, Northumbrian Water Group  

Innovation at the Edge – challenging and consolidating the energy market 
Paul Linnane, Chief data officer, ElectraLink 

Dr Richard Dobson, Practice manager - Energy Digitalisation Task Force
Kathryn Corrick, Development and strategy director - Icebreaker One
Simon Evans, Global digital energy leader - Arup
Andrew Myers, Lead architect - Northumbrian Water Group
Paul Linnane, Chief data officer - Electralink


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