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Utility Week Live

Driving carbon out of transport

17 May 2023
Decarbonisation – delivering net zero

A ban on sales for new petrol and diesel vehicles after 2030 has driven a surge of consumer interest in electric alternatives with demand for electric vehicles currently outstripping supply. This is great news for the UK, bringing it closer to the promise of cleaner, quieter, healthier communities. But it also poses challenges for utilities and infrastructure providers around the readiness and accessibility of charge points, the capacity of the grid to meet peak charging demand and the flow of vehicle charging data between multiple stakeholders. Rapid innovation and mobilisation is required. Join this session to learn:  

  • Latest news on the drive to increase access to public charge points 

  • Progress in leveraging EVs to provide energy flexibility and create grid capacity for transport decarbonisation 

  • Opportunities to be gained through fleet decarbonisation 

  • Expert opinion on the readiness of the UK for mass uptake of EVs 

Chair: Yumann Siddiq, Policy Manager, Energy UK

Electrifying our roads – creating a network for 100% zero emissions vehicles  
Alec Thomson, Zemo Partnership 

Batteries on wheels: Smart Charging, Vehicle to Grid, and Flexibility 
Claire Miller, Mobility & energy advisor, formerly director of tech & innovation, Octopus Electric Vehicles

Decarbonising our fleets UKPN’s ‘Optimise Prime’  
Florentine Roy, Innovation project lead, UK Power Networks

Yumann Siddiq, Policy manager - Energy UK
Alec Thomson - Zemo Partnership
Claire Miller, Mobility & energy advisor, formerly director of tech & innovation - Octopus Electric Vehicles
Florentine Roy, Innovation project lead - UK Power Networks


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