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Utility Week Live

Getting ahead – predictive and condition-based asset management

17 May 2023
Asset management

The merits of predictive asset management founded on condition-based monitoring have been recognised for many years now. But implementing these approaches can be challenging in an environment where regulatory reporting and risk management requirements sometimes run counter to theoretical best practice. This session will explore: 

  • The experiences of asset management leaders in energy and water utilities of adopting predictive management approaches 

  • The latest developments in predictive management and condition-based monitoring technologies 

  • Where friction points can arise between predictive asset management and other business interests/requitements and how to handle these. 

Chair: Tom Grimwood, Utility Week Live Editorial Team 

DMA Asset Health project
Tanya Dady, Asset strategy manager, SES Water

Predictive Asset Management in transmission and distribution: successes and challenges 
Matthew Jones, Head of asset management & investment, SPEN

Eye in the Sky: using satellite data to improve resilience in emergency 
Sean Coleman, Deeside centre for innovation and strategic innovation funding manager, National Grid 

Tom Grimwood - Utility Week
Tanya Dady, Smart water strategy manager - SES Water
Matthew Jones, Head of asset management & investment - SPEN
Sean Coleman, Deeside centre for innovation and strategic innovation funding manager - National Grid Electricity Transmission


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