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Challenge Programme

Utility Week Live

Demand reduction: the science of behaviour change

17 May 2023

Drier summers with extended periods of drought and population growth are putting a strain on water resources in the UK. Meanwhile, spiralling energy costs combined with threats to security of supply and pressure to deliver net zero carbon targets mean energy companies are thinking harder than ever before about how much energy their customers are using. In this environment, creating a new paradigm for demand reduction is paramount. Utilities must become adept at the art of influencing consumer behaviour and helping them to alter routines which run counter to energy and water efficiency. Join this session to learn more about the science of behaviour change and hear: 

  • Lessons learned from behaviour change success stories 

  • Examples of technology and data being leveraged to support behaviour changes

  • Discussion on the role of behaviour change on the road to net zero 

  • Thoughts on how to put a higher value on water in the minds of consumers 

Chair and introduction: Toby Park, Principal advisor - head of energy & sustainability, The Behavioural Insights Team

What can we learn from customers behaviour in their own homes – exploring the intentions of Ofwat Innovation Funded FairWater  
Chris Jones, Research and development manager, Northumbrian Water Group

Encouraging customers to change behaviours and put a value on water 
Ana Maria Millan, Policy manager, CCWater

What can we learn about gamification for changing customer behaviour 
Archie Lasseter, Head of sustainability, Utilita Energy

Toby Park, Principal advisor - head of energy & sustainability - The Behavioural Insights Team
Chris Jones, Research and development manager - Northumbrian Water Group
Ana Maria Millan, Policy manager - CC Water
Archie Lasseter, Head of Sustainability - Utilita Energy


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