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Challenge Programme

Utility Week Live

Water reuse and recycling

17 May 2023
Water 2030 (Delivering the water utility of the future)

A summer of drought and upward pressure on treatment costs from rocketing energy prices are driving a new focus on the opportunities presented by water reuse and recycling. But can the UK successfully make reuse and recycling the norm? How might it tackle the significant infrastructure, technology retrofit and cultural challenges involved? Join this session to learn: 

  • What are the prospects for water neutral homes in the UK – are developers on board with the concept?  

  • What role do buildings regulation and planning processes need to play? 

  • What technologies are available to support domestic water reuse and recycling and at what scale?  

  • How can water recycling deliver a win-win of environmental enhancement as well as a long term sustainable water resource?

  • Latest insight into consumer attitudes to reuse and recycling 

  • Expert views on the potential for retrofit reuse and recycling systems in the UK 

Chair: Ruth Williams, Water correspondent, Utility Week

Southern Water’s – Havant Thicket Reservoir – effluent reuse at scale 
Varsha Wyles, Principle process engineer, Southern Water

Wessex Water’s River Stour water recycling 
Julian Welbank, Programme director – strategic resource options for West Country Water Resources Group, Wessex Water 

Ofwat funded project - water neutrality at scale across 3,000 new homes 
Gareth Barker, Head of developer services, Affinity Water 

Ruth Williams, Water correspondent - Utility Week
Varsha Wylie, Principle process engineer - Southern Water
Julian Welbank, Programme director – strategic resource options for west country water resources group - Wessex Water
Gareth Barker, Head of developer services - Affinty Water


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