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Collaborate Exchange Programme

Utility Week Live

How do we ensure our future network is resilient from climate adaptation and climate related threats?

17 May 2023
Collaboration space

Liza Troshka, Innovation engineer, National Grid Electricity Distribution 
Gary Stockdale, Net zero innovation manager, National Grid Electricity Transmission 

Climate change is here. Beyond doing everything we can to cut emissions, we must adapt our energy networks both old and new to ensure we can maintain resilience against a more challenging external threat landscape from natural climate events.

Join this session to explore:

  • How do we ensure our energy grid is resilient to the varied impacts of climate change?
  • How do we ensure we build right first time to ensure new infrastructure is resilient to climate events?
  • How do we achieve a whole energy system which is resilient to climate events?
Liza Troshka, Innovation engineer - National Grid Electricity Distribution
Gary Stockdale, Net zero innovation manager - National Grid Electricity Transmission
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