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Collaborate Exchange Programme

Utility Week Live

Inclusive Service Design: The key to making commercially viable improvements for your vulnerable customers

17 May 2023
Collaboration space

Facilitator: Carolyn Delehanty, Delehanty Consulting

Are you wondering how to make improvements for your vulnerable customers without it costing the earth?  Do you want to reduce inbound demand, call durations and complaints too? Carolyn of Delehanty Consulting will share her experience of using Inclusive Service Design to make improvements which benefit customers, colleagues and the commercials alike. Join her to understand how by bringing together the right people and the right insights, you can implement improvements which benefit all your customers, not only those who are vulnerable.  She will show you that if you have identified the right problem and the right improvement, it will pay for itself through costs avoided and growth through loyalty and advocacy. Participants will discuss and collaborate over how to effectively: 

  • Understand the needs of your vulnerable customers 

  • Identify their biggest pain points 

  • Design the right improvement 

Carolyn Delehanty, Vulnerable customer experience coach - Delehanty Consulting
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