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Collaborate Exchange Programme

Utility Week Live

What’s on the horizon for bioresources?

16 May 2023
Collaboration space

Facilitator: Peter Vale, Carbon and circular economy architect, Severn Trent 

Resource recovery is becoming ever more crucial in the water and wastewater sector’s journey to net zero emissions. Embracing the circular economy and finding value in bioresources limits waste, cuts carbon, and opens up revenue streams. Tightening environmental regulations have added urgency to the need for innovative ways to reuse waste and improve resource recovery. This session explores what has been successful and how the sector is responding to targets set by the Environment Agency. 

Discussions will include:   

  • What role do bioresources play in carbon reduction plans? 

  • Can zero waste be achieved by water and wastewater companies? 

  • What impact are regulatory requirements placing on how companies approach bioresources?  

  • What can be achieved by the sector within the timeframes, and what role can nature-based solutions play? 

  • How is innovation changing the way the sector deals with bioresources? 

  • As PR24 is fleshed out and companies prepare to submit business plans, is the regulatory framework suitable, what areas could be better supported? 

  • Is the market providing the right environment for competition? 

  • What benefits can a bioresources market bring for customers and how will billpayers be impacted? 

Peter Vale, Carbon and circular economy architect - Severn Trent
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