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Collaborate Exchange Programme

Utility Week Live

Solving for customer safeguarding with data and analytics

16 May 2023
Collaboration space

Facilitated by:
Google Cloud

Annette Garner, Data analytics sales specialist, Google Cloud 
Palash Banerjee, Partner, PA Consulting

Energy and utility companies currently have their own individual repositories of information to assist them in serving vulnerable customers e.g. the Priority Services Register (PSR). Therefore, no single version of the truth exists to serve those most vulnerable in our society. This can make it very challenging for organisations to identify which customers require additional support and when. 

Analytics and insights can benefit customers who are at risk of financial hardship or facing other challenges, by allowing organisations to identify customer trends to better support them. Leveraging the power of data can give energy and utility companies a better understanding of their customers' needs and ensure they have access to resources required to stay safe and supported.  

Join this workshop to tackle the following questions:  

  • How can records (such as PSRs) be improved by collaborating with other organisations and key stakeholders?  
  • How can complete records improve service and value? What can the power of analytics unleash when combining current records with other publicly available datasets? 
  • How can organisations and at-risk customers benefit from analytics and insight? 
  • How can predictive analytics improve service and performance? 
Annette Garner, Data analytics sales specialist - Google Cloud
Palash Banerjee, Partner - PA Consulting
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