Exhibitor Products

  • Helicopter Patrols

    18 Dec 2017 Duncan McDonald

    Effective Asset Integrity Management

  • Helicopter Surveys

    18 Dec 2017 Duncan McDonald

    High Quality Data Acquisition, In Depth Processing / Analysis and Bespoke Reporting

  • Aerial Crane

    18 Dec 2017 Duncan McDonald

    Flexibility from the ground up

  • LeakNet, is the flagship smart water metering product by Quensus. It allows internet connectivity for up to 4 submeters, and 1 valve. By using the latest in WiFi technology, high resolution data is obtained frequently and reliably.

    Real-time data analytics are used in the cloud to detect anomalies and diagnose faults. Email and phone alerts allow you to be notified as soon as you have a leak, giving you the chance to turn your water off from anywhere in the world and avoid serious water damage, whilst saving serious money on bills.


  • The Cello 4S is a remote telemetry outstation delivering a scalable machine to machine (M2M) solution reducing user operating and capital costs.

    Multiple site parameters are monitored, recorded and transmitted over 2G (SMS/GPRS) or 3G networks, providing a comprehensive multi-application solution for the Utilities and Industry.

  • Regulo PRV Controller

    06 Feb 2018 Technolog

    Regulo PRV Controller – A proven solution for reducing leakage and burst frequency, bringing intelligent cost effective pressure control to your network.

    The Regulo is easily connected to the most common types of Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV), without changing the PRV Pilot. The Regulo offers multiple control options and full remote configuration of downstream pressure profiles.

  • Cello CSO – Waste water monitoring

    06 Feb 2018 Technolog

    Cello CSO – A simple solution providing remote monitoring in hazardous environments, used as an essential aid for temporary and permanent sewer level monitoring, capturing overflow events & early flood warning.

    The Cello CSO expands on Technolog’s family of remote monitoring products, incorporating an ultrasonic level sensor with a battery powered GSM data logger, featuring sophisticated alarm regimes for detecting and immediately alerting of abnormal conditions.

  • Cello 6S Water – Delivering commercial and industrial Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solutions with exceptional data integrity.

    Meter reads, profile data and user consumption alarms are automatically transmitted over 2G and 3G networks to a host computer or data centre at regular intervals providing a cost effective AMI solution.

  • MicroFlow-T

    06 Feb 2018 Technolog

    MicroFlow-T – An easily deployable non-contacting, low maintenance solution for remotely monitoring open-channel flow.

    The MicroFlow-T is a low power, velocity sensor certified for monitoring in hazardous environments (Zone 0). Designed for use in combination with the Cello IS or GS to provide a cost effective remote monitoring solution for open channel velocity measurements.

  • WaterCore – An intuitive, web-based data collection and management solution providing comprehensive tools for site visualisation, analytics and pressure management.

  • Cello 6S Gas – AMR/AMI data logger

    06 Feb 2018 Technolog

    Cello 6S Gas – Delivering commercial and industrial Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solutions with exceptional data integrity.

    Meter reads, profile data and user consumption alarms are automatically transmitted over 2G and 3G networks to a host computer or data centre at regular intervals providing a cost effective AMI solution.

  • Cello GS3 – Telemetry outstation

    06 Feb 2018 Technolog

    The Cello GS3 is a cost effective, easily deployable, remote telemetry outstation providing a scalable universal solution for monitoring critical parameters in gas distribution networks.

    Site data is recorded and is transmitted over the 2G networks. The Cello GS3 provides a comprehensive and intrinsically safe, battery powered multi-application solution.

  • Fall Control System

    07 Feb 2018 Janet Walsh

    Branach Fall Control, Ladders made SAFE

    The Fall Control System brings everyhting together in one complete package. The user attaches before climbing, so they are protected from the moment they leave the ground. The system provides a level safety never seen before. Come and see the live demonstrations on the hour every hour. You will not be dissapointed.


  • All Terrain Platform

    07 Feb 2018 Janet Walsh
    Our All Terrain PLatform range of safety step platforms conform to the new EN131-7 standards, the world’s most stringent standard for portable platforms. It Stands out with a kickboard, rear safety ra ...
  • The New Roads & Street Works (NRSWA) training we offer is in line with The New Roads and Street Works Act 1991, which places a duty on any person or organisation undertaking work involving the installation, renewal, maintenance or inspection of underground apparatus in any street or road to ensure that work is under the control of competent persons. 

  • Satelite Monitoring IoT (C-NoT)

    09 Sep 2017 RDN Press Office

    Radio Data Networks are official VAR and VAM partners of the LEO Satellite Network Operator Iridium. RDN have applied their expertise to offer a bespoke interface service by which data from virtually any type of sensor can be delivered globally.

    Unlike traditional geostationary satellites, the Iridium network offers 24/4 coverage across the globe with multiple levels of redundancy. There are no shadows behind hills, mountains or tall buildings. Antenna are compact and covert and there are no sim cards to get stolen or to manage.

  • ANM Strata is our highly flexible and scalable central DERMS software platform for wide-area coordination and control. Our unique approach to DERMS, using Active Network Management (ANM) technology, delivers look ahead preventative and real-time corrective control in one comprehensive platform.

  • ANM Element is flexible software to enable smarter monitoring and control at the grid edge. Deployed as a standalone solution for grid interconnection and export limiting applications, or as an integrated part of ANM Strata, ANM Element delivers key monitoring, fail-safe and local autonomous control functions.

  • L-Touch

    06 Mar 2018 Traka ASSA ABLOY

    The L-Touch key cabinet system is designed especially for larger organisations with a high key turnover. Accommodate up to 180 keys (360 double density) with this innovative key cabinet system.

  • Tablet Locker

    06 Mar 2018 Traka ASSA ABLOY

    Our Intelligent Lockers enable you to maintain total control, by determining who can access your valuable assets (such as laptops and tablets).

  • The Original & Award-Winning ANTI-SLIDE Driveway Board with LowPro® Technology. Designed and Tested with Cadent. 

  • The LowPro® Road Plate is a modular system of singular linking units, suitable for 44 tonnes vehicles over up to 1200mm trenches.

  • The robust chapter 8 Avalon® barrier is the most compliant road safety barrier on the market. Full customisation available.

  • The SafeGate: a manhole guard telecoms barrier that is portable & lightweight. With NEW ultra-stable SafeBase which passes Wind Class A. 

  • AI-Driven Customer Experience Workshop

    14 Mar 2018 Mark Simpson

    Transform your customer experience, accelerate innovation and reduce costs in PR19

  • Intelligent Search

    14 Mar 2018 Mark Simpson

    Helping to improve customer experience and reduce unnecessary contacts to call centres in PR19

  • Experience Platform Selection

    15 Mar 2018 Mark Simpson

    Selecting the right technology for digital customer experience in PR19

  • Cost-effective, long term solution to corrosion on exposed steel, including pipebridges. Often spanning rivers or roads these structures can be difficult to maintain due to access problems and environmental issues. The Denso Steelcoat system can provide up to 20 years maintenance free service life after simple hand power tool surface cleaning preparation.

  • Tank linings and coatings that are designed specifically to protect steel and concrete surfaces from aggressive environments. Specialist high temperature coatings providing long term corrosion prevention for water tanks, air handling systems, floor and bund protection, valve and pipe linings, road tankers, chemical storage, effluent treatment tanks and storage tanks

  • High performance adhesive tapes for above ground and below ground pipeline corrosion protection, weld joints, fittings and fabrications. Denso offers a complete line of cold and hot applied tapes ranging in 10 to 80 mils in thickness.

  • Self supporting molding compounds for irregular surfaces, such as flanges and couplings, used in conjunction with petrolatum tape systems. They provide a smooth profile to minimal prepared surfaces and contain no VOC’s. Water, acid or salts from the environment do not affect Denso’s sealing and molding mastics.

    Part of the P1 & P2 Water specification

  • Denso Petrolatum Tape systems provide optimum surface tolerant coating properties and are capable of providing totally effective corrosion prevention.

    Based on petrolatum, Denso Tape is suited for all types of pipe and is normally used in conjunction with Denso Priming Paste. For profiling flanges, couplings, valves and spigot joints there is a choice of either a standard Densyl Mastic™ or a light weight, low density Denso Profiling Mastic. To complete the system, Denso Self-Adhesive PVC Tape or a Denso Bitumen tape provides an ideal outer protective armouring.

  • Corrosion control for Marine Jetty Piles & Structures. SeaShield™ comprise a range of systems developed to protect marine structures where corrosion is a problem in splash zones, inter-tidal and subsea environments. SeaShield systems have over 40 years of proven history for the protection of steel, wood and concrete jetty piles.

  • Due to various design issues and operating conditions, the external base area of steel storage tanks is vulnerable to corrosion problems. Denso has developed an effective solution to this problem called the Steelcoat™ Tank Base Protection System. The system seals the vulnerable area with a flexible but tough outer-armouring, which is also highly weather resistant.

  • Protal™ liquid epoxy coatings can be applied by brush or spray method and include fast cure, high build epoxies for a variety of above and below ground corrosion prevention applications. The coatings can easily be applied in high and low temperature environments and are for protecting girth welds, tie-ins, cadwells, fittings, fabrications repairs to FBE and rehabilitation to existing pipelines.


  • Use data-led insights to drive customer experience and innovate in PR19

  • Concrete Canvas (CC)

    Concrete Canvas Ltd.

    Concrete Canvas is a flexible, concrete impregnated fabric that hardens on hydration to form a thin, durable, water proof and fire resistant concrete layer.

  • CC Hydro (CCH)

    Concrete Canvas Ltd.

    CC Hydro is the world's first all-in-one armoured concrete impregnated fabric technology with a highly impermeable, chemically resistant geomembrane liner.

  • Our Bureau Service is designed for larger organisations who already have, or plan to obtain, a Service User Number (SUN) from Bacs. Having your own SUN gives you more flexibility and means you are formally registered with Bacs. 

    With our Bureau Service, you benefit from automated Bacs submission while minimising risk. You maintain full control of the amount collected, while SmartDebit ensures your customer data is protected and provides a host of additional support to optimise your Direct Debit collection.

  • Our Managed Direct Debit service is available to organisations of all sizes. When you opt for this service, SmartDebit will manage the entire Bacs submission for you - you just submit your customers’ data and we do the rest. 

    It means you don’t need any in-depth knowledge of the Bacs process and you don’t need to acquire additional software, so you can get started quickly. Payments are always collected in your name – so that’s what your customers will see on their bank statements and on any communications we send them on your behalf.

  • Cheque processing and Imaging is aimed at organisations with a high volume of inbound cheques. From charities to mail order companies, we can provide bespoke services to meet your organisation's needs.

    We can help you to store your cheques electronically and reduce disruption to your cash flow.

  • Our popular one-day Bacs accredited training course is ideal for organisations who are introducing Direct Debit as a new means of payment or experiencing high volumes of cancellations, indemnity claims or unpaids.

    It helps explain how to set up Direct Debits, how the Bacs cycle works and some of the key issues that can arise.

  • Maxprobe

    Scanprobe Techniques

    The ultimate system, suitable for pipe sizes 17mm up to 450mm. 

    The MaxProbe control box is the heart of our system and is packed with innovative and helpful features to enhance user efficiency and provides everything you need to carry out a professional drainage survey. The Maxprobe system is available with a choice of cameras and coilers, all of which are interchangable.

  • AMETEKs JEMStar II High Accuracy Revenue Meter has the highest accuracy in the market, provides many communication options and monitors your power quality to make it the ideal choice for any metering ...
  • The TR-3000 is the only tool you ned to capture and diagnose power system anomalies.  With multiple recording modes and continuous transient oscillography, you will never miss an event.  The TR-3000 c ...
  • Non-Destructive Cable Testing

    09 Apr 2018 CableQ

    CableQ offers an innovative, non-destructive cable measurement system for dependable assessment of medium voltage distribution cables. The technology developed by the National Research Council Canada is truly non-destructive, applying a maximum voltage of 30% of the cable’s voltage rating to diagnose the health of XLPE cables.

    It has been proven that age is not always a good indication of cable health. Improve reliability and budget spending while safely diagnosing the true condition of your cable assets.

  • 60 kVa towable Generator

    09 Apr 2018 Generator Power
  • Steplite®: perfect grip in any condition

    10 Apr 2018 Hannelore Schotsaert

    Whether you're working on hard or soft, even or uneven ground, the Steplite® boot offers you  perfect grip in any condition .

    Completely in line with the strictest safety standards, this boot, with its steel toecap and midsole offers excellent protection against heavy falling objects, penetrating nails or other sharp objects. Specially adapted moulds ensure your foot is held perfectly in the boot, making it extremely comfortable as well as safe. Available in black and yellow.

  • Steplite®X: ultimate comfort

    10 Apr 2018 Hannelore Schotsaert

    Heavy industry sectors require top-quality industry boots. You always want to keep the risk of work accidents to a minimum. A NEOTANE® safety boot from Bekina® Boots is exactly what you need.

    This robust but feather-light work boot is  the specialist boot for heavy and dirty work . The Steplite®X Black combines thermal insulation and shock-resistance, with unsurpassed grip. Discover the new ergonomic footbed for more comfort.

    This NEOTANE® boot from our top range has a non-metallic toecap and midsole (S5), a wide fitting and an extra high top. This makes it the ideal boot for heavy industry, the chemical sector, mining and demining, refineries, archaeology and dredging or road works.

  • Thermolite extreme cold

    10 Apr 2018 Hannelore Schotsaert

    The Thermolite NEOTANE® boot  can handle Arctic temperatures as low as -50° . 

    These slip resistant NEOTANE® boots are much lighter than rubber or PVC and will fit each foot like a glove. Even in extreme temperatures, the NEOTANE® always remains supple and flexible.

    Warm feet guaranteed, thanks to the extra thick leg and sole. The free moisture absorbing ergonomic footbeds provide even more comfort.

  • Steplite®XCi: lightweight insulating boot

    10 Apr 2018 Hannelore Schotsaert

    Cold feet belong to the past with Steplite®XCi Cold Insulation (-40°C/F). This latest innovation of Bekina® Boots is a full safety boot with a non-metallic protective toecap and midsole. The materials used make the boot  lighter, safer and warmer . The anatomically shaped insole gives the user an extra sense of wearing comfort. 

    Steplite®XCi is the ideal blend of a summer boot and a winter boot. Experience thewearing comfort of a summer boot, elevated with the thermal properties of a winter boot.

  • Liquid level sensor for water utilities

    10 Apr 2018 Michelle Errington

    The liquid level sensor for water utilities has been designed to provide reliable and accurate level measurement of fluids that, because of their composition, can prove challenging to measure by conventional sensors.

    Electrically conductive, highly viscous or corrosive liquids and liquids with suspended solids such as  sewage, effulent, colloids, flocculents and sludges and slurries are some examples of the types of fluids that can be used with the sensor.

    Developed by refining the established and proven capacitive level measurement technology used by Gill, the sensors wetted parts have an FEP coating that provides a non-stick measurement probe without any holes, moving parts  or hidden voids, eliminating build-up which can lead to inaccurate measurements, false echos or leave sensors remaining permanently tripped.

  • Bittium SafeMove Mobile VPN remote access solution provides always-on, secure and seamless connectivity for field workers. 


  • Bittium SafeMove Analytics is an intelligent tool for monitoring and analyzing device and connectivity performance.

  • Powersafe

    10 Apr 2018 Generator Power
  • PF-Detect is the only leak-detectable, flexible chemical dosing hose available in the UK.

  • Flexible dual containment chemical dosing hose with catchpots.

  • Steel water pipes available with a choice of coatings, linings and end joints.

  • FT Pipeline Systems is the UK licensee for the superb range of Canusa heat shrink sleeves and cold applied tapes for the protection of pipe joints.

  • Using FT's replacement stop tap box locking lids saves water companies thousands of pounds every month.

  • We offer 2 ranges of pipe spacers; custom built and off-the-shelf. Both are easy to install and centre water and sewer pipes in casings. Typical uses include river, canal and bridge crossings, as well as road and rail crossings.


  • A choice of pressure regulators is available for small industrial low pressure systems through to high flow, high volume distribution, biogas or CNG / LNG systems.

  • Amiblu - Hobas CSO Chamber

    13 Apr 2018 Amiblu - Hobas

    Amiblu - Hobas CSO Chamber installed in one day.  Length: 8m - Diameters 800mm & 450mm 



  • Ponstar PBX

    13 Apr 2018 Peter Hey

    THe New Koshin Ponstar, only from W Robinson & Sons (EC) Limited

  • Laxa II Hydropower Plant - Iceland

    13 Apr 2018 Amiblu - Flowtite

    Amiblu - Flowtite technology overcame abrasion issues by creating a new high performing liner to Flowtite GRP pipes.  348m of 4000mm diameter pipe replaced exisiting damaged pipes for this remote Icelandic Hydropower plant. 

  • Amiblu was challenged to create a solution to reline 6.4km of sewer channel at depths exceeding 100m. Bespoke manufactured non-circular HOBAS GRP half pipes were designed for the project, completed early 2018. In September 2017, it earned the construction company SADE the prestigious ISTT Rehabilitation Project Award.

  • Aerobic granules for MBR, SBR

    13 Apr 2018 Pierre
  • The Universal Road traffic separator range is designed for situations when storage is at a premium, available in 1m and 2m lengths, the Universal range stacks to minimise transport and storage costs.  ...
  • MarroCover is a unique, quick and efficient replacement for plywood or pallets where there’s a need for  emporary yet secure covering of manholes on site. MarroCover is exclusively available from Marw ...
  • Used to protect hoses, electrical cables or pipe work, solid reinforced rubber units with a flexible base apron for maximum grip. Suitable for use with most vehicles including HGVs with stepped constr ...
  • The use of Plastic Piling provides a low cost alternative to steel piling in many temporary works  situations met during the civil engineering construction of bridges, tunnels, drainage systems and ma ...
  • SignaRoad is a dual-sided mat that features a vehicular traction surface on one side and a pedestrian traction surface on the other. Mats can be used on either side and are connectable in any directio ...
  • Aluminium units that are ideal for covering trenches as a foot bridge, comes with anti-slip surface and high toe board for safer protection. Available in 2m, 4m and 6m lengths. Length 2m 4m 6m Overall ...
  • C.A.T4 & Genny4

    16 Apr 2018 Radiodetection

    Cable Avoidance Tools

  • C.A.T Manager Online

    16 Apr 2018 Radiodetection

    C.A.T Manager Online 

  • SuperC.A.T4

    16 Apr 2018 Radiodetection

    The SuperCAT4+ range of locators

  • RD7100

    16 Apr 2018 Radiodetection

    RD7100®, our industry-specific range of underground cable locator equipment.

  • RD8100

    16 Apr 2018 Radiodetection

    RD8100® cable locator.

  • GPR

    16 Apr 2018 Radiodetection

    GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) systems.

  • P350 Flexitrax Crawler System

    16 Apr 2018 Radiodetection

    P350 Flexitrax Crawler System

  • P340 Flexiprobe System

    16 Apr 2018 Radiodetection

    Pearpoint’s P340 flexiprobe Pushrod Sewer Camera Systems.

  • Serviwrap & Maflowrap have been used for many years to provide a long term external corrosion and abrasion protection in the O&G and Water industries for above and below ground applications.

  • Serviwrap is specified by many European O&G companies for field joints and pipeline for external corrosion protection for above and below ground.applications.

    Maflowrap is specified by Global Water companies to give a long term external corrosion protection even in hot climates.

  • Chase - Longwrap Marine pile protection system is an easy to apply pile coating for protection from corrosion and errosion issue with concrete, steel or wooden piles. This system is also used for pipe ...
  • Chase - CIM is a liquid applied polyurethane coating, used for internal linings on tanks to protect from chemical attack and also used in ponds, fountains and secondary containment. Can be appiled to ...
  • Chase - Flange protection coatings are hand applied system that are designed to be reused after inspections and repairs are carried out to the flanges. A simple cut and reseal saving time and money.
  • Chase - Handycaps are used as a simple solution for the protection of terminals and cables on pipelines from corrosion and impact.

  • Longseal 100 & Longseal GR are both proven membranes for long term water proofing and gas resitance in the construction sector. Use across Europe in cold climates all year round on tunnels basements and below ground applications.

  • Chase - Plasgard 410 is an epoxy coating used to protect valves, flanges and pipes on Gas and Water networks. This coating is a two colour, two coat system which is surface tolerant and quick curing.

  • Welded field joints need protection from corrosion, Chase - Serviwrap & Maflowrap are the trusted coating system for the O&G and Water industry experts.

  • Maflowrap is a cold applied tape wrapped coating system, trusted by the industry experts to provide long term corrosion protection to welded joints in the field on pipelines.

  • Serviwrap has been a trusted cold appiled tape wrapped coating for over 40 years, used in the O&G industries for field joints and main pipelines corrosion protection on above and below ground applications.

  • Chase manufacture Longwrap LD Mastic, Serviwrap Putty & Maflowrap Moulding Compounds for profiling over flanges, joints & valves etc..

  • The HAVWEAR monitor has been developed to more easily and effectively assess and manage hand arm vibration (HAV) risks. By lowering the cost of monitoring HAV exposure the HAVWEAR makes individual exposure monitoring a reality. 

  • The Reactec Analytics Platform is a mobile tracking and management solution, which includes the ATEX HAVMETER, to better protect employees from Hand Arm Vibration exposure. 

  • Chase - Longwrap Petrolatum/Wax tapes are used on many pipeline networks in Europe for corrosion protection, Longwrap Hotcote is used on high temp pipes and stainless steel pipes. Longwrap Marine is used for Marine Pile Protection on jetties, piers, pipe river crossing and outfall pipes.

    Chase - ColorCoat is used to protect flanges, valves and complex pipework.

  • HAV risk mobile App &
    Bluetooth enabled HAVwear

    Timely intervention in the field

    Monitor your team's HAV exposure to identify & address risk in real-time.


    • Incremental improvements in HAV risk management
    • Supports behavioural change 
    • Real-time assessment of risk
    • Timely intervention instead of at a later date
    • Address issues from poor tool use or performance, work planning and project design

  • Turning exposure data into actionable intelligence requires the ability to find information that matters to your business.

    Managers and team leaders can view a wide variety of online Analytics reports 24/7 on demand to be informed of their HAVS risk and receive automated reports via email. From head office to remote locations only an internet connection and computer are required to view the online reports. A company can centrally manage employee online access to view specific or company-wide reports.

  • Longstrip products are used for sealing joints between precast pipes and chambers, manufactured in many different sizes to suit the applications.

  • We have been busy developing a game changer – the Payzu app.

    Payzu enables bill issuers to get paid faster, improving their customers’ experience. It’s appropriate for any non-Direct Debit variable bill. There are benefits for bill issuers, BPO providers and end users.

  • The SmartDrive® programme not only improves driver and fleet safety, it also delivers improved operational performance and effectiveness.

    SR4’s state-of-the-art open and configurable hardware architecture builds upon SmartDrive’s success supporting hundreds of fleets and thousands of vehicles across many sectors, including utilities and services fleets. This next-generation SR4 solution provides the critical safety and operational intelligence your fleet managers need. Its robust integration capabilities reduce future reliance on other third-party technologies, providing a single source to efficiently and effectively manage your fleet’s risk.

    Combined with the intuitive SmartDrive safety programme, the SR4 focuses on capturing risky driving performance as it occurs. 

    • 3-ribbed seal is sprayed on to create pressure-tight seal with concrete
    • Quality mark on both sides: sealed ex works. Option to check for accidental or unauthorised opening of the closing cover
  • Variable height adaptation to the finished floor level

  • Segmented ring technology for individual adjustment to cable diameters on site

  • MATS – our Meter Asset Tracking System – supplies market data communication interfaces for Meter Operators (MOPs and MAMs) to help them meet their regulatory requirements and to better support accurate invoicing.

  • SmartDrive 360 Recording

    20 Apr 2018 SmartDrive Systems

    Most video-based safety systems provide a road-facing camera to capture what’s happening in front of a vehicle and some even include an interior-facing camera to capture what’s happening inside the vehicle. SmartDrive® takes video-based safety to the next level. In addition to having both road-facing and interior-facing cameras, you have the option to deploy additional cameras - enabling a 360-degree view.

  • Video-based safety systems do a great job of telling you what
    happened when a high-impact event occurs. But, they don’t always
    capture everything. That’s when SmartDrive® Extended Recording
    can help.

  • Hydrant Wizard

    23 Apr 2018 Sarco Stopper Ltd

    • No supply interruption
    • No risk of disruption & DG7 noncompliance
    • No risk of knock on burst on recharge
    • No need to use expensive stopple techniques
    • No customer notification
    • Easy to use – lower labour costs
    • Quick repairs, maintenance extensions & valve removals
    • No depressurising the main
    • Sediment not disturbed, therefore no discolouration
    • Calm Networks Approach

  • A Revolutionary, Environmentally Friendly Wastewater Treatment System In the midst of chemically-treated and high-priced water treatment systems in the market comes BioCleaner, the country’s first non ...
  • Buddha Barrier

    01 May 2018 Dan Wolstenholme

    The Buddha Barrier is a uniquely designed, completely anti-trip Water Filled Separator. At 0.8 m in height, it creates a safer environment for pedestrians over traditional Water Filled Separators, as well as this, the Buddha Barrier can be fitted with the DoubleTop that creates a barrier over 1.8m in height.

  • Gate Barrier

    01 May 2018 Dan Wolstenholme

    The Gate is one of the most popular blow moulded barriers. This superior blow moulded HDPE barrier offers superb quality at a low life cost.

  • Utility Barrier

    01 May 2018 Dan Wolstenholme

    The Utility Barrier is the ideal solution for any variety of Utility Works. Completely manufactured within the UK at the Melba Swintex factory, with its unique and protected D-Hinge™ system, the Barrier becomes incredibly stable.

  • Q-Sign

    01 May 2018 Dan Wolstenholme

    The Q-Sign is the industry leader. The sign is extremely strong and durable. Manufactured from recycled Polypropylene, the sign has no metal parts. Although lightweight, the angled sign is designed to give a strong wind resistance.