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  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Metering
  • Smart meter solutions
  • Valves and flow control systems
  • Leak detection/control
  • Field Operations
  • Smart Meters
  • Smart Water Networks
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Other

Clamp-on flow metering of liquids & gases:

  • Measurement from outside the pipe
  • Virtually zero maintenance
  • No cost escalation with pipe size, material, increasing pressure or temperature
  • No outages for commissioning or maintenance
  • No expensive bypasses, isolation valves or new leak paths
  • Pipe sizes from 10mm to 6.5m and almost any material including concrete and lined pipes

For 31 years, FLEXIM has pushed the boundaries of what is possible to measure from outside the pipe. Founded on research by four engineers from Berlin & Rostock Universities, FLEXIM’s sole ambition is to develop & deliver the world’s most advanced non-invasive flow metering solutions. FLEXIM’s range includes:

  • Portable or permanent FLUXUS metering for liquids, gases & steam
  • MCERTS certified meters for environmental discharge monitoring
  • SIL 2 certified flow meters for safety critical duties (FLEXIM is the only clamp-on flow metering company certified for safety critical duties in the UK nuclear sector)
  • ATEX certified meters for hazardous areas
  • All FLEXIM flow meters are temperature compensated, thus uniquely meeting the requirements of ASME MFC-5M, providing not just 0.15% repeatability, but reproducibility at any temperature
  • All flow meters are supplied pre-calibrated & certified to +/-0.3% uncertainty (installed accuracy of +/-1% for liquids & +/-1 to 2% for gases)



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  • FLUXUS G721 gas flow meter
  • FLUXUS G706 four channel gas flow meter
  • FLUXUS G831, FLEXIM's newest member of the family!
  • The world's only ATEX certified portable ultrasonic flowmeter. ATEX Z2 certified meter with option Z1 or Z2 certified transducers. Suitable for use within flamable environments such as the presence of ...
  • FLUXUS F601 portable flow meter
  • FLUXUS F706 four channel liquid flow meter
  • FLUXUS F721WD - the do-it-all water meter for water or wastewater.
  • Meter Installation on a Pre-stressed Concrete Cylindrical Pipe
  • Overview of installation on a buried pipe at a SPS site.
  • Flow Meter Commissioning in a buried pit
  • Transit Time Explained

    30 Nov 2021 Andy Hammond
    Measurement Principle
  • FLUXUS Portable Clamp-On Flow Meters

    30 Nov 2021 Andy Hammond
  • SIL Certified Gas flow meters

    30 Nov 2021 Andy Hammond
    Gas flowmeters SIL 2 rated for Safety Critical duties.
  • FLUXUS F721WD MCERTS Flow Meter

    30 Nov 2021 Andy Hammond
  • FLEXIM Hydrogen Flow Metering - Ready For the Energy Transition

    17 Jan 2022 Tiffany DeMayo, Global Director of Marketing
    Standard volume gas flow measurement of blended or ultra pure hydrogen without a chromatograph
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