Mapal Aeration Solutions, Northavon Water Solutions & Setfords Technology

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  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Industrial effluent treatment solutions
  • Waste water treatment
  • Odour/nuisance control
  • Wastewater Treatment
Mapal Aeration Solutions, Northavon Water Solutions & Setfords Technology

Mapal Aeration Solutions provides floating & retrievable Fine Bubble aeration for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants of any type, shape, and size. Mapal's aeration units are suitable for new builds as a full aeration solution, or for supplemental oxygen alongside existing aeration, on a rental or purchased basis. By using a crane, systems are installed safely, quickly & easily in full aeration basins.  

Northavon Water Solutions,  exclusive supplier of Setfords Technology products. Everything you need, whether for a self-installed system or an end-to-end project. Installation by our own team of expert engineers.


Northavon House
Pows Orchard
Midsomer Norton
United Kingdom

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  • Aeration Rental - Fine Bubble aeration for reactors and lagoons, available on a weekly/monthly rental basis for supplemental oxygen.
  • Mapal Aeration Solutions' Fine Bubble aeration units for reactors and lagoons, combine the efficiency of fixed-to-the-floor diffusers with the ease of installation of surface aerators.
  • Arrival and assembly onsite of Mapal's aeration units.
  • Upgrade of old Helix system to Mapal Fine Bubble aeration

    16 Dec 2021 Mapal Aeration Solutions
    Upgrade of an old Helix system to Mapal Fine Bubble aeration, in a Bio-Circle reactor. 
  • Quick upgrade to Fine Bubble aeration

    16 Dec 2021 Mapal Aeration Solutions
    Replacement of inefficient aeration system with Mapal Fine Bubble aeration, in an industrial WWTP in central Israel.
  • Mapal's Quick, Safe, and Easy Aeration Solution

    16 Dec 2021 Mapal Aeration Solutions
    Mapal offers its customers a quick, safe, and easy Fine Bubble wastewater aeration solution, on a rental or permanent basis. 
  • Northavon Water Solutions Flyer

    17 May 2022 Northavon Water Solutions
    Northavon Water Solutions / Setfords Technology  Providing wastewater management products and technical support, enabling clients to protect UK waterways.
  • Case Study - Industrial Semi Conductor Plant, Israel

    27 Jan 2022 Mapal Aeration Solutions
    Mapal’s rental aeration system was supplied to an Industrial Semi Conductor Plant within seven days, and was installed and operating within two days. 
  • Case Study - Blackmans Bay WWTP, Tasmania

    27 Jan 2022 Mapal Aeration Solutions
    Mapal's Retrievable Floating Fine Bubble aeration units were installed in a new WWTP in Blackmans Bay, in an Acciona / BMD Joint Venture.
  • Case Study - Municipal SBR Arad, Israel

    27 Jan 2022 Mapal Aeration Solutions
    Upgrade from surface aeration to Mapal Fine Bubble aeration.   
  • Mapal Aeration Solutions Brochure

    30 Sep 2019 Mapal Aeration Solutions Team
    Mapal’s Technical and Commercial brochure provides a general background about the company,  about the technology, presents Mapal's unique advantages and includes case studies.
  • Within one installation day, Mapal Aeration Solutions conducted a full  aeration upgrade of an old municipal bio ring WWTP to Fine Bubble aeration, without draining the reactor or stopping the process ...
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