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Stand: K40
  • Low voltage and 11 kv networks
  • Network monitoring
  • Low carbon generation and connections
  • Low carbon technologies
  • Network operations, communications & IT
  • High voltage networks
  • Transmission & distribution infrastructure
  • Power systems
  • Maintenance services
  • Field Operations
  • Smart Meters
  • Energy Flexibility and Smart Networks
  • Keynote Plenary Session - Achieving Net Zero Targets
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Other
Outram Research

Outram Research Design, Manufacture, Sell, Hire and Utilise for Surveys their innovative range of highly capable Power Quality Analysers and Fault Level Monitors.

For 35 years, this family owned, UK business has been designing state of the art instruments, now producing equipment capable of highly sought after, complex Power Quality Measurement such as fault level monitoring, fast frequency measurement to 0.001Hz for Dynamic Containment and Harmonics to the 100th for G5/5, all on monitors capable of EN61000-4-30 Class A measurements.

Whether you want measurements to solve your own or other's Power Quality/ Harmonics/ Flicker/ Short Circuit Current issues or to measure to the Standards, you can buy a unit, hire from our fleet of 35 loggers or let us do the work for you.

From single phase, hand held, plug and play PM1000s, to 3 phase, ruggedised PM7000s with remote communication to substation cubicles measuring prospective Fault Level in Real TIme, Outram's instruments measure the requirements for renewable generation connections, validate Fault Level models and can even facilitate the release of additional Fault Level capacity on the network.


Outram Research Ltd
Haining House
Taylors Lane
West Sussex
PO18 8QQ
United Kingdom


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  • Power Quality and Harmonics Survey to ENA Recommendation G5/5
  • A Full or partial Fault Level Measurement of your site to benchmark and validate fault level models and to substatiate infrastructure investment.
  • A World Class PM7000 Power Quality Analyser with Remote Communications. With an integrated SIM card, communicating over the CATM1 network, the 3 phase analyser with available enhancements such as Harm ...
  • PM7500 Dual Frequency is used to measure frequency to 0.001Hz resolution with an accuracy of 0.002Hz, to prove site compliance with National Grid's requirements for Dynamic Containment.
  • Single phase power quality, harmonics and flicker monitor. The PM1000 is ideal for responding to residential voltage complaints and power consumption problems
  • The first ever portable Fault Level Monitor The PM7000 FLM is the first ever commercially available instrument capable of predicting peak and RMS fault current by observing natural disturbances on the ...
  • The PM3000HF Power Logger is the best value 3 phase power quality & harmonic logger on the market today.
  • The Power Master 7000 is a user-friendly, comprehensive, compact and cost-effective power quality monitoring and trouble-shooting unit measuring Voltage, Current, Harmonics to the 100th, Interharmonic ...
  • The Real Time Fault Level Monitor (RTFLM) can deliver MEASURED Prospective Fault Level Results in real time at LV and MV (up to 33kV).
  • Single Cycle Adaptive Store

    30 Mar 2022 Kate Edwards
    Adaptive Store is Outram's unique recording mechanism making zooming into the root cause of your power quality problems quick and easy.
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