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Safearth is an international team of specialist electrical engineers focused on earthing and earthing system testing.

We're committed to providing valuable solutions to meaningful problems, which has led to the development of advanced testing methods, instruments and analysis techniques.

We research, design, develop and manufacture a suite of earthing system test instruments that allow you to manage your high voltage assets more safely and effectively. These instruments are most effective when coupled with the best testing methods, so we also offer professional training at every level, from field technicians, to asset strategists, to design engineers.

Safeath began as part of a power utility more than 30 years ago and was privatised in 2008. We started business in America in 2013 and in Europe in 2018. We are a growing global business and are excited about making a positive impact on electrical safety and reliability for you.


United Kingdom

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  • Integrity Meter (aka Site Continuity Meter). Accurate measurements across large distances. Ability to measure multiple joints at a time. Up to 4x faster than traditional integrity testing methods. Acc ...
  • AX1 Injection Source for frequency tunable earthing system injection testing. The AX1 is simply the safest and most effective injection source available. DID YOU KNOW: Safearth developed the first com ...
  • The MI3 is a tunable meter for fast and accurate voltage and current measurement. Perfect for measuring current distribution as well as touch, step and transfer voltages of substation earthing systems ...
  • 180m (600′) integrity testing lead on a heavy-duty engineered plastic spool in a stainless steel cage with an ergonomic 3:1 geared winder.
  • Safearth is an international team of specialist electrical engineers focused on earthing and earthing system testing.
  • The CS3 is purpose-built for testing earthing systems and can identify defects before they fail under fault conditions. 
  • The AX1 is the culmination of two decades of technical development and field testing by our own specialist earth testing engineers.
  • Measuring touch, step and transfer voltages of substation earthing systems as part of a current injection test is a key indicator of the hazard level of an installation.
  • An intensive program in fundamental earthing principles and the practice of earthing system design.
  • An intense program in fundamental earth assessment principles and the practice of earth testing.
  • During routine integrity testing using Safearth’s CS3 continuity meter, engineers identified an inadequate bond that would have led to an outage if tested by other integrity testing equipment.
  • What is earthing system testing? An outline of common tests, their purpose and their benefits.
  • The three-point method is widely used for assessing the performance of an earthing system, but many asset owners and testers alike may not be fully aware of the limitations of this test method.
  • An Overview of Recent Improvements in Earthing System Integrity Testing.
  • This simple but extremely powerful tool enables designers to explore the available options and develop the best solution as quickly as possible.
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