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  • IOT/smart cities
  • Filtration and screening
  • Water reuse and desalination
  • Tanks and storage
  • Drives and controls
  • Pumps and pumping systems
  • Valves and flow control systems
  • Pipes, pipelines and drainage solutions
  • Flood management/suds/stormwater mgm
  • Keynote Plenary Session - Achieving Net Zero Targets
  • Smart Water Networks
  • Water Quality

SDS designs, engineers, manufactures and installs water management systems for sustainable infrastructure.

The company is the UK’s leader in sustainable drainage systems and has an extensive product portfolio comprising solutions for flood prevention, drought mitigation and pollution control. It is also a leading developer of innovative new systems that benefit from smart technology.

Every SDS solution is created to protect water effectively and efficiently and to treat, store and, wherever possible, reuse surface water.

SDS systems are used in both Private and Public Sectors, from residential, commercial, retail, leisure and industrial developments to schools, universities, hospitals, highways and transportation.


Clearwater House
Castlemills Industrial Estate
BS26 2RE
United Kingdom

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  • SDS GEOlight® is widely recognised as the UK’s market leading water storage and attenuation / infiltration system.It is constructed entirely from post-consumer recycled PVC waste, which is normally de ...
  • SDS SYMBiotIC smart monitoring and control.
  • SDS’s ‘Intellistorm®’ rainwater recycling system enables a site to maximise rainwater reuse and minimise discharge to drain, operating entirely under its own control.
  • Rainwater recycling is the collection, storage and reuse of rainwater that typically would otherwise flow down gutters into the drainage network. SDS commercial and domestic rainwater recycling system ...
  • SDS supplies fully automated grey water on demand recycling systems to deliver a consistent supply of treated grey water to meet a site’s required daily volume.
  • SDS Aqua-Filter™ is a unique and highly efficient water quality treatment solution.  
  • SDS Aqua-Xtract™ is a revolutionary prefabricated CSO system which provides a bespoke solution for preventing sewer litter from entering into, and polluting, watercourses and water bodies, whilst stil ...
  • SDS Aqua-Xchange™ is an engineered pollution control and enhanced filter media. It uses ionic exchange and filtration to remove soluble and solid pollutants from surface water runoff.  
  • SDS Aqua-Swirl™ is a water treatment solution that can be used as part of a complete water management programme.
  • SDS Hybrid SuDS system combines engineered treatment, conveyance and attenuation devices with vegetative materials.
  • SDS Weholite water attenuation tank.
  • SDS is an innovator in water technology, identifying and delivering engineering solutions that enable global water infrastructure to operate sustainably and to its maximum efficiency potential.
  • SDS delivers sustainable solutions for the management of silt, debris and pollutants contained in rainfall runoff that includes hydrocarbons and heavy metals in both solid and dissolved states.  
  • SDS designs, manufactures, installs and maintains water management systems that capture and treat water before controlling its return to the natural water cycle or retaining it for reuse or recycling.
  • Formed from post-consumer recycled PVC waste which is normally destined for landfill, SDS GEOlight® is widely recognised as the UK's leading stormwater attentuation system.  
  • SDS SYMBiotIC enables the remote and autonomous control of any number of stormwater management devices, ensuring they continuously perform at their optimum operational efficiency.
  • SDS Aqua-Swirl™ Hydrodynamic Vortex Separator is a water separation solution that can be used as part of a complete water management programme. 
  • SDS Aqua-Filter™ Hydrodynamic Vortex Separator & Filtration Unit is a  unique and highly efficient water quality treatment solution.
  • SDS installed one of largest surface water storage facilities in the UK at Stortford Fields, maximising drainage, recreation and biodiversity benefits within an enhanced 2,250m long green corridor.
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