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Vac-Ex Limited is a UK company. We design and manufacture compact, towable vacuum excavators and safe dig equipment. Today, especially in inner city locations the ground is congested with buried cables and pipes, some carrying high voltage electricity, vital information or explosive gases. The location of many services is inaccurately mapped or simply not known. This makes excavation extremely hazardous. Striking a service can lead to a disruption to supply, injury or even fatalities. A loss of supply for businesses, hospitals military or emergency services can be catastrophic. Costs incurred to the excavating company from a strike, can amount to financially crippling six figure sums.

Everything we do at Vac-Ex is to provide a method of excavation that will allow the exposure of buried services and utilities without damage. The use of vacuum excavation is not only safer than hand or mechanical dig but quicker and easier. Also, in many applications, less material needs to be removed from the ground. Our Air-Ex air lance when connected to an air compressor will agitate the ground by injecting a blast of air to break up and loosen compacted ground, it can then easily be removed with the high level of vacuum from one of our compact vacuum excavators. When working in an area full of existing services it is often the only way the ground can be removed.

At present we manufacture three models, the T-Vac 2 tracked and our most compact machine the Air-Vac tracked. Each machine has been designed to be compact, easily towed and can be operated by your own staff. Compact Vacuum Excavators offer the advantage that they are cost effective to mobilise and less disruptive by reducing traffic management or inconvenience to the public.

Vac-Ex units are very simple to operate and training for up to six operators is provided at our Doncaster head office. Training covers the safe use of the Air-Ex lance and the Vacuum Excavator. We impart a high level of training to ensure all our machines are operated effectively and above all in a safe manner.

Vac-Ex has sold compact units in the UK and overseas for many applications such as general utilities, house building, electrical substation work, fencing contracts, petro-chemical and military applications. Current users have been surprised at how the operators have adapted to the use of vacuum excavation and have immediately appreciated the advantage over hand or machine dig. We regularly hear that the use of vacuum excavation has reduced service strikes by 85%


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