Collaborative innovation ‘doesn’t just automatically happen’

To kick off Utility Week Innovate and Utility Week Live’s ‘Unlocking Collaborative Innovation’ series, experts from water, network and energy firms offer a snapshot of the state of pan-utility partnerships and outline the barriers that still exist.
Published 08 March 2022

To deliver net zero and best serve customers and other stakeholders, innovation is critical. And in a diverse pan-utility landscape, firms across energy, water and networks have long been aware that collaboration is key to unlocking that innovation. 

Challenges around the slashing of carbon emissions by 78% by 2035, and becoming net zero by 2050 – as well as ongoing hurdles around futureproofing aging assets combined with the need to support vulnerable customers, for example – will only be overcome in partnership.

The ‘Unlocking Collaborative Innovation’ content series will celebrate best practice, share inspiration and examine different pressing pan-utility challenge areas to be addressed at Utility Week Live, Utility Week Innovate and experts from the UW Innovate Advisory Board lift the lid on exactly why collaboration is so important to innovation, which factors are driving it, and what the sector needs to do differently in order to foster a more collaborative culture.

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