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Innovation Programme

Utility Week Live

Data & AI - driving operational efficiency

17 May 2023
Innovation Stage

The rise of digital industrial technology, better known as Industry 4.0, continues to develop our collective quality and safety capabilities. The best organisations are becoming less tolerant of repeat failure, striving to better understand not just what their systemic issues are but the underlying reasons why they continue to occur – the root causes. During this thought-provoking presentation, root causation will be explored to reveal how organisations can develop effective strategies to prevent failure & repeat success.  

Join this session to: 

  • Challenge the traditional reactive nature of root cause analysis activity
  • Understand the opportunities provided through carefully designed technology and assurance tools
  • Gain insight into root cause learning – a path that can shift the dial in sustaining performance improvement across our high-risk industries and beyond.

Chair: Jane Gray, Content director, Utility Week 

Mark Rushton, Chief executive, STC INSISO 
Steve Homes, Chief operating officer, STC INSISO 

Jane Gray, Content director - Utility Week
Mark Rushton, Chief executive - STC INSISO
Steve Holmes, Chief operating officer - STC INSISO


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