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  1. Innovation Stage
    60 mins
    Using the often opposing views from innovators and innovation users we will engage the audience to share first hand experiences and navigate a path through the innovation process that suits those on both sides of the table.
  1. Innovation Stage
    60 mins
    This session will explore how hydrogen blending with natural gas in the existing gas infrastructure can support the transition to net zero – with UK Government aiming for hydrogen blending to commence in 2023 – focussing on the ENA’s Britain’s Hydrogen Blending Delivery Plan, roll-out models, delivery and timelines, as well as demonstrator trials and customer perceptions. 
  1. Innovation Stage
    30 mins

    This is a collaborative project for the UK water sector – with specialist support from International Synergies and Jacobs, alongside leveraged support from the first Ofwat Fund Competition.

  1. Innovation Stage
    60 mins
    • The need for structured innovation challenge processes in the sector
    • How Spring’s Innovation Challenge service will address sectoral needs
    • Sharing of case studies and lessons learnt


    Chair: Carly Perry, Managing Director, Spring

    Laura Underhill, Innovation Supplier Engagement Manager, Anglian Water
    Kieran Brocklebank, Head of Innovation, United Utilities 
    Ben Tam, CEO, Isle UK

  1. 45 mins

    To achieve successful outcomes and minimise the impact on communities and road users, a step-change in collaboration and the broader adoption of innovative technologies/solutions is required.  This panel will bring together leading industry voices to share their experiences and provide valuable insight to inspire the acceleration in collaborative innovation we need. 

  1. Innovation Stage
    75 mins

    Understanding the challenges of vulnerability through the transition to Net Zero 

    The need to accelerate pathways to net zero is increasingly apparent. A move away from long standing, embedded fossil based technologies to those which offer low to zero carbon emissions will bring challenges in terms of suitability across a broad range of application, their useability, impact and cost to the consumer and the complexity involved in making all of this happen from an energy network perspective. Adding further to this complex picture, the UK housing stock could prove particularly difficult to decarbonise with a sizable proportion of older building stock and levels of energy efficiency below that seen across Europe. Rising energy costs further exacerbate the challenge, with an increasing number of consumers finding themselves in fuel and digital poverty.  

    In this session we will discuss the new facilities being created, which will consider energy and decarbonisation from both consumer centric and whole systems view point, to help identify and tackle the most complex challenge of our time, with examples of new research being undertaken, innovation that has been done and new thinking which could help unlock a fair transition for all. 

    Chair: Keith Owen, Northern Gas Networks

    Customer Energy Village project: Developing a research facility to support the Net Zero challenge  
    Keith Owen, Northern Gas Networks

    Exploring energy and water efficiency research  
    Jess Cook, NEA 

    An over view of Streetscore2 
    Steve Dacre, Norther Gas Grid

    How will changing electricity use may impact vulnerability 
    Iain Miller – Northern Power Grid 

  1. Innovation Stage
    60 mins

    This session will consist of joint presentations in which the pairs of technology vendors and technology users who have successfully found a way to engage in a trial-to-purchase process will tag-team short first-hand accounts of how they managed to reach their agreements and more.

  1. Innovation Stage
    75 mins
    How industrial clusters will drive the growth of low carbon hydrogen and develop resilient supply chains, support jobs and position UK companies at the forefront of a growing international market. 

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