Bio-resources and the circular economoy

Wholesale Water Theatre
Wholesale Water

A circular economy keeps resources in use for as long as possible, then recovers and regenerates products and materials at the end of each service life.  Receiving huge amounts of waste, the water industry has an important role to play in the emerging circular economy recovering and generating energy, nutrients and bio plastics.

Chair: Philipa Roberts, WRC 

Thames Water advanced energy recovery plant
Aurelien Perrault, Thames Water 

John Brigg, Yorkshire Water 

The latest innovations in nutrient recovery
Bruce Jefferson, Cranfield University 

Philipa Roberts - WRC
Aurelien Perrault - Thames Water
Bruce Jefferson - Cranfield University
John Brigg - Yorkshire Water

  • The best industry exhibition I have ever been to. Thought provoking, interesting, good networking, with a positive feel to the whole event… it was excellent!
    Jacob Tompkins OBE
    Managing Director, Waterwise
  • A great two days of showcasing innovation
    UWL17 attendee







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