SP Energy Networks: Open Innovation Workshop


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SP Energy Networks: Open Innovation Workshop

22 May 2018
Innovation Theatre
Gas Innovation Showcase

SP Energy Networks own and operate the electricity transmission and distribution network in Central & Southern Scotland, Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and North Shropshire. This session hosted by SPEN will bring together our recent challenges with those who can provide the solutions. SPEN will talk through the Open Innovation “Hatch-A-Challenge” process, explaining what has gone well and what we can improve with your help. We are also looking to learn from emerging technologies and see where opportunities arise.

This session will consider some of our previous innovation projects, and look at future opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

Our current portfolio of innovation projects include:

  • Instrument for the identification of Live and Not Live HV and LV cables
  • Trialling Long-Lasting Tower Paints
  • The Mini-mole for trenchless installation of LV Service Cables
  • Lone working  - How technology is keeping workers safe.
  • Overhead Line Crossing work – Looking to save set-up costs while keeping the job safe.


We will be releasing new challenges to solve some of the major issues we face as an industry, presenting opportunities to work with you- your solutions can be part of our future.

At SPEN we are open to new suggestions on how we can make the network better for both customers and suppliers, so we would like to hear from you.

Andrew McDiarmid, Project engineer - SP Energy Networks
Eric Brunger, Senior innovation analyst - SP Energy Networks