Fostering Innovation


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Fostering Innovation

22 May 2018
Network Theatre

The Government Industrial Strategy puts innovation and technology at its heart.  If the UK is to prosper and improve economic growth and productivity, fostering and developing innovation and innovators will be key.  Network companies are already incentivised to innovate under the current RIIO regulation, to help create smarter energy grids, reduce carbon emissions and deliver financial benefits to customers. This session will explore the gas and electricity combined innovation strategy, how technology innovators can test, demonstrate and make available their innovations, and how to make innovation business as usual.

Chair: John Scott, Director, Chiltern Power

A view across the innovation landscape
John Scott, Director, Chiltern Power 

Combined innovation strategy
Electricity: Geoff Murphy, Lead Engineer, Commercial & Innovation Team, SPEN
Gas: Huw Sullivan, Innovation Delivery Manager, Cadent

Multivector innovation
Professor Jianzhong Wu, Professor of Multi Vector Energy Systems, Cardiff University 

Making innovation business as usual
Denise Massey, Chief Executive, Energy Innovation Centre 

John Scott, director - Chiltern Power
Denise Massey , chief executive - Energy Innovation Centre
Geoff Murphy, Lead engineer, commercial & innovation team - SPEN
Huw Sullivan, Innovation delivery manager - Cadent
Jianzhong Wu, Professor of multi vector energy systems - Cardiff University
John Scott, director - Chiltern Power