Isle: Tech talks


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Isle: Tech talks

22 May 2018
Innovation Theatre
Gas Innovation Showcase

“If the challenge exists, so must the solution”. This session will see innovative technologies talk in more detail about challenges within the water sector and the solutions they can bring to the table. Each TechTalk will feature a different problem, innovative technology and speaker so you’re bound to walk away with more knowledge and understanding after the session. 

Chair: Stuart Moss, Managing Director, Isle

Technology out of this world: Preventing infrastructure failure with geospatial data
Philip Briscoe, COO, Rezatec

Leading edge but market failure? How to make novel water technologies a commercial success
Dr Reinhard Hübner, Investment Manager, SKion GbmH

Real-time decision making and virtual intelligence in water and wastewater facilities
Thouheed Abdul Gaffoor, CEO and co-founder, Emagin

Volute: Direct dewatering of surplus activated sludge from an aeration basin to sludge cake in a single process stage
Robert Mannion, Director, Evergreen Water Solutions

Immersing a level sensor in water or slurry improves accuracy and reliability. How?
Trevor Pearson, Business Development Manager, Gill Sensors
Simon Foulser, Product Manager, Gill Sensors

Stuart Moss, Managing director - Isle
Philip Briscoe, Chief operating officer - Rezatec Ltd
Reinhard Hübner, Investment manager - Skion GMBH
Robert Mannion, Director - Evergreen Water Solutions
Simon Foulser, Product manager - Gill Sensors and Controls
Thouheed Abdul Gaffoor, CEO and co-founder - EMAGIN
Trevor Pearson, Business development manager - Gill Sensors and Controls