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“If the challenge exists, so must the solution”. This session will see innovative technologies talk in more detail about challenges within the water sector and the solutions they can bring to the table. Each TechTalk will feature a different problem, innovative technology and speaker so you’re bound to walk away with more knowledge and understanding after the session.

Chair: Dr Ben Tam, Head of Business Unit Strategic Projects, Isle

An automated, rapid microbial solution for both regulatory compliance AND on-site early-warning indicative testing. The best of both worlds, all in one technology.
Patrick Wolfe, Regional Director, Tecta-PDS

Bioremediation made easy, imagine the possibilities
Tony Zamudio, Technical Engineer, Biocleaner Inc.

Superoxide: The cleanest, most versatile water cleaning technology that no one knows about
Michael Mangham, President, EcoUSA

Bringing the focus back on biology in biological wastewater treatment plants
Pierre Fanfan, CEO, Probiosphere Inc

Thinking outside of the boundary box
Wez Little, Innovations Director, Synthotech

Ben Tam, Head of business unit strategic projects - Isle
Michael Mangham, President - EcoUSA
Patrick Wolfe, Regional director - Tecta-PDS
Pierre Fanfan, CEO - Probiosphere Inc
Tony Zamudio, Technical engineer - BioCleaner
Wez Little, Innovations director - Synthotech

  • The best industry exhibition I have ever been to. Thought provoking, interesting, good networking, with a positive feel to the whole event… it was excellent!
    Jacob Tompkins OBE
    Managing Director, Waterwise
  • A great two days of showcasing innovation
    UWL17 attendee



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