RIIO: learning from RIIO1 and moving towards RIIO2


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RIIO: learning from RIIO1 and moving towards RIIO2

22 May 2018
Network Theatre

Detailed planning for RIIO2 is now under way, and it’s evident it will be a tough review.  With RIIO1 now well advanced for gas and transmission networks, the learnings are becoming clear, and the implications for RIIO2 are starting to be understood. Networks now face the dual challenge of preparing for the next regulatory review, while refining their approaches to the current one. This will session will explore the latest regulatory thinking, from the energy sector and elsewhere; the challenges as networks see them; and best practice in responding to those challenges.

Chair: Alec Peachey, Editor, Network

Examining the intentions of RIIO2
Jonathan Brearley, Executive Director - Systems & Networks, Ofgem 

What the networks want from RIIO2
Sul Alli, Director of Strategy, UK Power Networks 

Reverse engineering: Adapting approaches to RIIO2 to reflect the learnings of RIIO1
Steven Edwards, Director of Regulation and Commercial, Wales and West Utilities

Disruption closing view: is RIIO fit for purpose and reflections on the Helm Review
Laura Sandys, Chief Executive, Challenging Ideas

Alec Peachey, editor - Network, Faversham House
Jonathan Brearley, Executive director - systems and networks - Ofgem
Laura Sandys, chief executive - Challenging Ideas
Steven Edwards, Director of regulation and commercial - Wales & West Utilities
Sul Alli, Director of strategy - UK Power Networks