A UK utilities event first, UWL18 is hosting a live 24-hour hackathon featuring teams of hackers and tech experts battling it out to solve a real-world utilities industry problem.

We love utilities tech at Utility Week Live and this latest show features will see the creation of live tech solutions - dreamed up and then programme from a special hackathon area, right in the middle of the show floor - for future implementation across the UK utilities industries, demonstrating the power of creativity and technology to solve the challenges of disruption.





The UWL18 hacker teams will spend 24 hours on the expo floor (with a break for some sleep, of course), designing and building prototypes to help utilities work with these vulnerable customers.

Show visitors will be able to interact with the hackers (within reason), monitor their progress, and gain a valuable insight into their approach to this challenge and the implementable solutions they create.


A key challenge for utilities right now is how to identify and support vulnerable customers. These customers may be vulnerable because they are in financial difficulties, or because illness or other personal circumstances mean they require priority if the lights or the water supply go off. They may be vulnerable for the long term, or for a short period of time. 

T H E  C H A L L E N G E S:


Customers who find themselves in vulnerable situations or circumstances. How can we encourage customers who find themselves in in vulnerable situations or circumstances to sign up for the support and services available to them, and to ensure they only have to sign up once to access multiple services?


Customers who find themselves in vulnerable situations or circumstances. How can we use data, information and other signposts to identify customers who find may find themselves in vulnerable situations or circumstances, before those circumstances become severe or extreme?

UWLive Hack 18 will be running across both days of Utility Week Live 2018.


  • The best industry exhibition I have ever been to. Thought provoking, interesting, good networking, with a positive feel to the whole event… it was excellent!
    Jacob Tompkins OBE
    Managing Director, Waterwise
  • A great two days of showcasing innovation
    UWL17 attendee



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