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Utility Week Live

Autogas IP Smart Controller (Gas)

Technolog Stand: F4

Respond to demand changes in your Smart Network instantly, optimising performance and efficiency. Next-gen intelligent control utilises GasCore and our ML-driven Smart prediction module for accurate Gas demand forecasting.

Intrinsically safe, compact GSM Pressure Controller can be powered via IS battery pack or Technolog’s Green Energy module (GEM) allowing the user to attach renewable energy sources such as solar or wind. Fully approved for Hydrogen and combined with pilot operated regulators it delivers optimum system pressures to satisfy not only demand but also ensure leakage and emissions are controlled in line with regulatory requirements. Choose between fixed pressure, clock control and ML Smart profile prediction module.

Key Features

  • Provides advanced control to the outlet pressure of one or more gas regulators via time or through innovative self-learning of the network to reduce leakage, ‘lost’ revenue and public reported escapes
  • Multiple channels transmitted (pressure, temperature, flow, status inputs and operation of differential pressure switches or slam open/close)
  • Design allows for rapid deployment
  • Supports dual temperature channels
  • Compatible with 3 wire PT100 RTD
  • Programmable alarm dial-outs
  • User changeable Zone 0 ATEX rated battery packs
  • 5 years plus battery life
  • Replaceable valve control modules
  • MQTT IP comms Protocol over 4G NB/LTE-M with 2G support
  • Certified for use in Zone 0 hazardous locations
  • Compatible with Technolog’s solar energy and battery technology (GEM)
  • Local or remote data retrieval of stored data