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Reactec Analytics Platform

Ground-breaking system to more easily and accurately assess and mitigate vibration risk. The Reactec Analytics Platform integrates wearable & online technology to personalise monitoring and reporting of hand arm vibration (HAV) exposure risk. By providing a trigger accurate and real-time assessment of exposure, associated risks can be more easily and effectively identifed, reduced and designed out, based on fact-based data instead of estimations. Supports positive behavioural change towards HAV risks. Continuous monitoring for continuousimprovement The HAVWEAR is a wearable wrist device which tracks & calculates in real-time an individual’s HAVs exposure, informing the wearer of their personal exposure points and thresholds. The HAVwear uses a tools pre-defned vibration magnitude and length of time the tool is in use to calculate exposure points in accordance with The Control of Vibration at Work regulations 2005 and in accordance with HSE guidance. A Bluetooth enabled HAVwear combined with the Reacetc mobile App monitors real-time work situations. Team leaders and employees responsible for worker welfare can identify and address exposure risks on the ground, and not later. These interventions are an essential part of a company’s continual risk reduction plan. Reports real-time vibration in the field The HAVwear also has a unique ability to further improve protection against exposure risk by determining the real-time vibration exposure experienced by the wearer. Due to the high level of variability of exposure from tool application and operator technique in the field this unique information helps employers further reduce risk with evidence-based controls. Both types of exposure data are recorded by the HAVWEAR and stored in the Analytics online reporting platform to be reviewed and compared as required. This added insight helps develop more effective controls to reduce HAVS exposure risk, by highlighting issues previously undetected by static and generic risk assessments. Managers can also add and track the effectivness of HAV control measures against targets plus log intervention notes. This provides greater analysis of risk reduction activities and a company’s set objectives against actual exposure risk. Wrist mounted to track tool use with no impact on the comfort or productivity of the wearer. Realtime calculation and display of personal HAV risk exposure points. Personal & constant monitoring supports positive employee behavioural change towards HAV risks. Operator alerted when personal EAV and ELV exposure values are exceeded. 15 minute daily charge or 1hr twice a week. Easily install into a vehicle, once or on-site.

Improves worker protection - Personal & constant exposure monitoring increases workforce awareness & safety. - Greater accuracy of exposure monitoring supports long-term health management. - Real-time vibration monitoring to identify unexpected exposure risk due to poor tool use or performance. - Supervisor rapid intervention with field mobile App, automated emailed reports & alerts. 

Data driven controls to reduce HAVS exposure ALARP - Supports behavioural change and helps involves all duty holders - Measure the effectiveness of controls to aid design changes - More accurate assessment of exposure. - Unique information to help deploy the most effective measure of controls.

How it works Programming tool tags and ID cards Reactec provide free software applications to enable employers to program RFID cards and tool tags. Simply place a Tool tag or ID card onto the RFID read/writer to input or edit employee’s exposure thresholds into the cards and tool data into the Tool tags. The system supports RFID cards, and many other commonly used identity cards including the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card. An individual’s exposure thresholds programmed by an employer on the card is encrypted and accessible only by that employer. By simply placing the ID card onto a Docking station the employee can collect a HAVwear for that shift personalised with their exposure thresholds. The RFID read/writer and software can be installed onto a PC to program Tool tags and ID cards. Optional tablet system requires no software installation The system includes a tablet with pre-loaded software and an RFID read/writer. Simply connect the tablet to your Wifi network, plug in the RFID read writer and the easy to use software will enable you to program Tool tags and ID cards in minutes. Inform & protect At the start of a shift each an operator signs out a personalised HAVwear which informs them of their exposure points and action level thresholds. Manage The Reacetc mobile App monitors real-time work situations. so team leaders and employees responsible for worker welfare can identify and address exposure risks on the ground, and not later. Collect At the end of a shift the operator returns their HAVWEAR to a docking station to recharge and transmit data. Reduce Analytics online reports help companies develop more effective controls to reduce HAVS exposure risk. The reports include individual worker exposure and related tool use to pinpoint the source of exposure. Report Managers can add and track the effectiveness of HAV control measures against targets plus log intervention notes. Share Online access to data ensures all duty holders are involved in addressing the risk to employees of HAVS. Securely hosted by Reactec, companies can centrally manage employee access to specific reports. 

Reactec’s system saves time and money which was spent on the old cumbersome paper-based system, and it improves worker efficiency”. Carillion “Safety has increased and also productivity – a double win”. Wilmott Dixon We have been able to apply resources and measures more eectively to address our vibration risk”. Murphy Group “Daily monitoring has provided robust exposure data to support the defence of employee litigation of HAVS exposure on recent claims where claimant payments have been considerably reduced”. Stirling Council

“Continuous digital monitoring goes beyond the directive and establishes a useable management tool to raise awareness and educate tool users”. Morgan Sindall “Overall we have already seen a dramatic drop in exposure since we deployed the Reactec Analytics Platform. It made tangible an invisible risk and helped us immediately refine and better design our measure of controls”. Sir Robert McAlpine “…invaluable both to our employees as individuals, in terms of their health and wellbeing and to Skanska from a business operations perspective”. Skanska

“Exposure below the Action Value cannot be considered safe...” (HSE) Any level of vibration exposure is unsafe so deploying controls as robustly as possible no matter the level of risk is essential. The Reactec Analytics Platform will support reduction activity to make what was once difficult or inaccurate, reasonable and practical.



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