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03 Jun 2018

Traka Key Management Solutions

Why manage keys?

Providing access to buildings, facilities, secure areas, equipment, machinery and vehicles - keys are one of your organisation’s most important assets. Still too many businesses rely on a log book in which cursory details of keys taken and returned are entered by hand and confirmed by an illegible signature - an arrangement that is inefficient, unreliable and makes tracing keys an almost impossible task.

The problem with conventional keys is that they are hard to manage and track - at best they will be behind a security desk where staff will issue them, making notes and collecting signatures. But often, in less security minded complexes, they will be in a manager’s cupboard, left hanging on hooks or even locked in a desk drawer.

Traka intelligent key management systems secure, manage and audit the use of every key. Traka ensures that only authorised staff are allowed access to the key cabinet and only then, to designated keys. The system provides a full audit trail of who removed the key, when it was taken and when it was returned keeping your staff accountable at all times.