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Utility Week Live

Developing digital infrastructure for flexibility

22 May 2024
Energy Flexibility Stage

To accelerate flexibility markets the necessary digital infrastructure and data sharing needs to be built. How can energy companies create an accurate an efficiency digital model to understand and forecast constraint? Join this session to learn best practice on collecting data, building a digital model and operating in real time.

Chair introduction
Lucinda Dann, features editor, Utility Week

Flexibility Digital Infrastructure for transparent and coordinated markets
Nina Klein, flexibility policy expert, Ofgem

Planning Regional Infrastructure in a Digital Environment (PRIDE)
Liza Troshka, innovation engineer, National Grid Electricity Distribution

Maximising opportunities for Flexibility providers through leveraging data
Jamie Bright, DSO data science & development manager, UKPN
Lucinda Dann, features editor - Utility Week
Nina Klein, flexibility policy expert - Ofgem
Liza Troshka, innovation engineer - National Grid Electricity Distribution
Jamie Bright, DSO data science & development manager - UKPN