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Utility Week Live

Embracing smart solutions to manage assets and projects transparently

22 May 2024
Smart Utilities Stage

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At a time when utilities need to optimise daily operations, sweat their asset and make strategic investment decisions, what smart tools are being utilities to gain better visibility of the network? It is vital to gain a deeper understanding of assets and networks to make informed asset management decisions which can be testing in a digital capacity.  
Join this session to uncover novel approaches to smart asset management.  

Chair introduction
Ben Hargreaves, head of content, Utility Week

Smart wires: Advanced power flow control to maximise network potential
Xiaolin Ding, senior innovation engineer, National Grid Electricity Transmission

NUAR: Increasing visibility of underground assets to drive efficiency in planning and project delivery
Holger Kessler, NUAR, Geospatial Commission

Projects and asset management: disrupting BIM with 3D scans & AI
Stéphane Evanno, chief strategy and development officer, Samp
Ben Hargreaves, head of content - Utility Week
Xiaolin Ding, senior innovation engineer - National Grid Electricity Transmission
Holger Kessler, NUAR - Geospatial Commission
Stéphane Evanno, chief strategy and development officer - Samp