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Helping customers to adopt low carbon technologies

21 May 2024
Customer, Culture and Workforce Stage

Consumers will play a pivotal role in the UK’s shift to renewable energy, adopting low carbon technology in their homes and taking an active role in shifting their demand. Retailers and networks need to educate, communicate and incentivise customers to embrace LCT in their homes. At a time of macro economic change and wavering political commitments, the industry must lead the charge on rolling out LCT at scale to deliver a decarbonised society. Join this session to find out how.

Chair introduction
Adam John, Utility Week

Changing the narrative – how to demystify low carbon solutions
Chris Connolly, business development manager, E.ON

Creating an experience: ensuring Net Zero living isn't as scary as it sounds
Hannah Thompson, customer relations and communications specialist, Sero Life

Ensuring a just transition and supporting the roll out of LCT to vulnerable customers
Archie Lasseter, head of sustainability, Utilita&Utilita Energy&Utilita Energy,&utilita
Adam John - Utility Week
Chris Connolly, business development manager - E.ON
Hannah Thompson, customer relations and communications specialist - Sero Life
Archie Lasseter, head of sustainability - Utilita&Utilita Energy&Utilita Energy,&utilita