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Utility Week Live

Integrated power & gas- Unlocking energy systems flexibility

22 May 2024
Energy Flexibility Stage

UK energy companies need to balance the energy system between demand and supply, with increasing renewables providing challenges and opportunities. How can we establish a whole system approach to energy flexibility? Join this session to understand how gas and electricity are integrated today, and what role hydrogen can play in the future to provide flexibility in times of peak demand or at times of low or surplus renewables.

Chair introduction
Tom Grimwood, insights editor, Utility Week

Comparison of flexibility across GB energy systems
Joseph Day, University of Birmingham

Requirements for Flexibility to 2035
Alex Hart, head of zero carbon operation, National Grid

SGN – Unlocking an optimised energy ecosystem in Scotland
Fergus Tickell, SGN
Tom Grimwood, insights editor - Utility Week
Joseph Day - University of Birmingham
Alex Hart, head of zero carbon operation - National Grid
Fergus Tickell - SGN