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Keynote Address - Location, location, location- making the grid work smarter, not harder - Greg Jackson, Founder & CEO, Octopus Energy Group

21 May 2024
Utility Week Forum Keynote Stage

The UK could have some of the cheapest electricity in Europe, if not the cheapest. Instead, it spends hundreds of millions per year curtailing abundant, green wind energy in favour of dirty fossil fuel back-ups.  

As we rapidly electrify our world – transforming how we both generate and consume our energy – we also need to reimagine the energy markets that deliver it.  

Locational pricing could deliver well over £50 billion in savings to the UK by 2040, while unlocking vast amounts of green generation and cost savings to consumers.  

In order to unleash the full potential of abundant renewables, we need a paradigm shift in our energy system. Join Greg Jackson as he explores the role of locational pricing in making our grid work smarter, not harder. 

Chair introduction
James Wallin, editor, Utility Week

Greg Jackson, founder and chief executive, Octopus Energy
James Wallin, editor - Utility Week
Greg Jackson, founder and chief executive - Octopus Energy