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Utility Week Live

Maximising nature-based solutions to deliver a more resilient water environment

21 May 2024
Collaborate Exchange Stage

The water environment is facing ever-growing pressures around too much, too little and too dirty water, deepened by climate change and biodiversity crises, population growth and ageing assets. Nature-based solutions (in the context of catchment initiatives, hybrid green-grey infrastructure and natural solutions), can play a critical role in addressing these multiple challenges, and providing a more resilient and sustainable alternative. However, NBS are not common practice across the sector, are still seen as high risk, the uptake is very slow, and therefore, we are failing to maximise their full value. 

Join this collaboration exchange session to explore:  

  • What is stopping the scale of adoption of NBS in the water sector? And how can the barriers be removed? 

  • Looking at the challenges in AMP8, what do we think are the key challenges and opportunities for NBS in the next AMP specifically?  

  • What can the industry collectively do with regulators and other stakeholders to enable the value of NBS to be maximised in the long-term?  What are the key levers that can drive action? 

  • What can we do today or tomorrow to accelerate change?  

Amina Aboobakar, director of strategic development and stewardship, Rivers Trust
Amina Aboobakar, director of strategic development and stewardship - Rivers Trust