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Utility Week Live

Optimising leakage detection and repairs

22 May 2024
Sustainable Infrastructure Stage

As utilities encourage customers to value resources and remain mindful of consumption, they must lead from the front, by detecting, preventing and repairing leaks across their networks. Water and gas companies are seeking to adopt a proactive and preventative asset management approach while responding rapidly to bursts and leaks to ensure maximum safety and network efficiency. Join this session to uncover the latest innovations and technologies being trialled and adopted by water and gas companies as they minimise leakage and the associated carbon cost.

Chair introduction
Ruth Williams, water correspondent, Utility Week

Monitoring the network and detecting leaks
Jeremy Heath, innovation manager, SES Water

Leakage analytics and proactive maintenance
Chris Rison, head of London investment planning office, Cadent

Pipebots for managing and repairing pipe networks
Joby Boxall, professor of water infrastructure engineering, University of Sheffield
Ruth Williams, water correspondent - Utility Week
Jeremy Heath, innovation manager - SES Water
Chris Rison, head of London investment planning office - Cadent
Joby Boxall, professor of water infrastructure engineering - University of Sheffield