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Reimagining the regulatory regime to drive whole systems thinking

21 May 2024
Utility Week Forum Keynote Stage

At a time when UK utilities need to embrace innovation and deliver capital projects on an unprecedented scale, regulators discuss how they can collaborate to drive whole systems thinking across National Critical Infrastructure. Regulators must prioritise environmental protection and low carbon solutions while removing regulatory barriers to productivity. Do we need to reimagine the existing regulatory regime  

Join this session to unearth how regulators can remove blockers for networks, water companies, retailers and developers.  

Questions to discuss:  
How can regulators encourage whole life cost and carbon in projects? 
What can regulators do to help foster collaboration and innovation across the whole value chain?  
How can regulators support industry through AMP8, RIIO 2/3 and ED 2? 

Chair introduction
Jane Gray, content director, Utility Week

Akshay Kaul, director general, Ofgem

Gillian Pratt, deputy director, Environment Agency
Jane Gray, content director - Utility Week
Akshay Kaul, director general - Ofgem
Gillian Pratt, deputy director - Environment Agency