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Retrofitting homes and building today for a decarbonised tomorrow

22 May 2024
Customer, Culture and Workforce Stage

To achieve net zero targets, the existing housing stock needs to adopt low carbon technology, embrace water efficiency solutions and leverage energy efficiency measures. Installers, utilities and construction and engineering companies need to come together to deliver low carbon homes and encourage customers to take an active role in a low carbon lifestyle.

Chair introduction
Rob Horgan, Utility Week

Understanding the size of the challenge and opportunities for scaling up net zero housing retrofit
Chris Friedler, ADE

When is the right time to retrofit a property?
Dan Hopcroft, Zero Carbon Homes Director, EDF

Explaining the low carbon options for different types of housing stock – what can we learn about retrofit
David Lynch, strategy manager – energy systems transition, Northern Gas Networks

Working with customers to scale retrofit
Cerys Williams, finance partnerships manager, Sero
Rob Horgan - Utility Week
Chris Friedler - ADE
Dan Hopcroft, Zero Carbon Homes Director - EDF
David Lynch, strategy manager – energy systems transition - Northern Gas Networks
Cerys Williams, finance partnerships manager - Sero