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Utility Week Live

Shifting to an energy solution company

21 May 2024
Energy Flexibility Stage

The role of retailers is evolving as market needs evolve. To understand the customers, they serve and offer a detailed level of flexibility, retailers are offering energy solutions to control more devices and understand existing devices in the home. Smart devices, home management systems and technology are essential to unlocking real time and quick energy flexibility. Uncover how you can leverage gride edge technology and low carbon solutions to enable the transition to for networks and customers.

Chair introduction
Lucinda Dann, features editor, Utility Week

Adapting business models to align with the energy transition
José Davila, director of strategy and external affairs, E.ON

Evolving business models to assist customers with the transition to net-zero
Ritika Wattan, head of strategy, SSE

From tariffs to products: creating the next generation of customer offers
Kieron Stopforth, senior manager, Octopus Energy Group
Lucinda Dann, features editor - Utility Week
José Davila, director of strategy and external affairs - E.ON
Ritika Wattan, head of strategy - SSE
Kieron Stopforth, senior manager - Octopus Energy Group