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The Innovation Playbook- building on patterns of successful network innovations – Ofgem Strategic Innovation Fund

22 May 2024
Collaborate Exchange Stage

Innovation plays a key role in the transformation of our energy networks and in meeting the evolving needs of consumers. Understanding and building on past innovations can help generate momentum, allowing innovations to reach a breakthrough. The Playbook identifies and explores patterns of successful innovation. It is not a step-by-step guide to running an innovation project, but a ‘book of previous plays’ that will help navigate some of the complexities of network innovation. By harnessing these invaluable insights, the Playbook offers a powerful resource to guide innovators, energy networks and their partners, to innovation success.  


Join this interactive workshop to be one of the first to benefit from the findings of the Playbook, use the insights gathered to refine innovative ideas, craft project applications, and embark on a journey of network innovation success. 


Attend this session to learn: 

  • What are the key and repeatable factors to achieve innovation project success?  

  • What is the role of innovators vs. utilities to improve successful commercialisation?  

  • How to take a project vs. portfolio view to achieve commercial success in network innovation?  

  • What types of support would help innovators secure/deliver an innovation project, and contribute to an increased likelihood of it being adopted in the system? 

Manu Ravishankar, innovation lead, Ofgem Strategic Innovation Fund, Innovate UK

Tom Poole, commercial analyst, Innovate UK - SIF Programme
Manu Ravishankar, innovation lead - Ofgem Strategic Innovation Fund, Innovate UK
Tom Poole, commercial analyst - Innovate UK - SIF Programme