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Utility Week Live

Together we can go further, faster- facilitating cross-sector problem sharing and solving through open data

21 May 2024
Collaborate Exchange Stage

All utilities operate as part of a complex, interconnected system of systems, where a change or problem in one part of the system can create a ripple effect elsewhere in the system.   

In the past, challenges have been satisfactorily met by operating fairly independently within our sector silos but in an increasingly complex, uncertain, volatile and ambiguous world, deeper inter-connections and further cross system (cross sector) working are required if we are to co-ordinate action to keep evolving the system of systems to face these challenges.   

Open data and data sharing is a critical and foundational component to cross sector collaboration and yet it is still only in its infancy, with a small (but notable) handful of examples tackling some of the thorniest of challenges, but still often only operating at proof of concept or proof of value scale.  

This collaboration exchange session seeks to create a forum for deeper discussion on the topic of how we can accelerate cross sector working through open and shared data. 

The following questions will be tackled: 

  • What are the issues we particularly need collaboration for? 

  • What do we want the future of cross-sector working to look like?  What is our story from the future? 

  • What are the existing enablers and barriers to cross sector working and how can we remove the blockers? 

  • What collective action and commitment is required?  What can we do today or tomorrow to accelerate faster towards our vision? 

Melissa Tallack, open data lead, Northumbrian Water

Josh D’Addario, Open Data Institute
Melissa Tallack, open data lead - Northumbrian Water
Josh D’Addario - Open Data Institute