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AI-Powered Equipment Inventory: A Game-Changer for Utilities

AI-Powered Equipment Inventory: A Game-Changer for Utilities

AI-Powered Equipment Inventory: A Game-Changer for Utilities
Utility operators often struggle with the uncertainty of their technical assets' condition when navigating public tenders. Whether it's for operations & maintenance contracts, concession agreements, complex projects, or ISO certification, accurately assessing the state of plants or networks is crucial to reduce risks.

The Traditional Problem
Traditionally, creating equipment inventories required months of on-site inspections, leading to high costs and long processes. But now, there's a revolutionary solution from Samp.

The Shared Reality Solution
Samp’s AI technology automates equipment inventories using 3D reality capture. This means no more lengthy on-site inspections. Instead, operators can use smartphones, mobile laser scanners, drones, and other tools to quickly capture site reality in hours or days.

How It Works

  • Capture: Surveying teams capture detailed 3D scans of the site.
  • Process: Samp’s AI processes these scans to create an online workspace for inventory verification.
  • Integrate: Use this data to update EAM/CMMS systems or check existing inventories.

The Benefits

  • Reduced Costs and Time: Cut down on the time and money spent on inventories.
  • Enhanced Safety: Lower risk for on-site teams.
  • Quick Risk Mitigation: Implement risk measures within days of starting a contract.
  • Transparent Tendering: Conduct inventories before tenders to ensure clarity and fair pricing.
  • Easy Maintenance: Keep inventories up-to-date throughout the contract.

Broad Applications
Whether managing water, district heating, waste-to-energy, or natural gas, AI-powered equipment inventory management offers better economics, superior safety, and greater customer satisfaction.

Ready for Today
This isn’t just a future promise—Samp’s solution is available and in use today. Embrace the future of utility management with Samp’s AI-powered equipment inventory.