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10 Mar 2023

Ultracrete and Telent join forces to tackle failed ironwork

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Ultracrete and Telent join forces to tackle failed ironwork


As part of their ongoing commitment to maintaining the UK’s national utility infrastructure, Telent have used UltraCrete’s latest product innovation Mortar Buoy® to repair a chamber and install a CW1 ironwork access cover in the West Midlands.

The Challenge

Located on a busy junction, it was crucial that the repair and installation of the CW1 cover was carried out quickly to minimise disruption to motorists. With a reputation drawing on decades of experience in the design, build, support and management of the UK’s critical infrastructure, it was imperative that Telent used reputable installation materials that had been tried, tested and proven to work in the road network.

The Solution

UltraCrete’s independently tested and approved ironwork installation system was specified by BT Openreach to complete the project.

The new CW1 cover was installed using the Install Plus method. To begin, Mortar Buoy® was inflated in the existing chamber to prevent debris falling into the cavity and causing potential damage to the network. Once inflated, the team were able to use Mortar Buoy® as internal shuttering and repair the damaged chamber using QC10 F rapid strength flowable concrete.

QC10 F, part of UltraCrete’s range of high specification concretes, is rapid setting fibre modified concrete for backfilling around manhole frames and gullies and for surface repairs.

To complete the installation, Mortar Buoy® was used as a dam and Envirobed® CD534 Flowable was poured around the edges of a chamber for a permanent installation.

Specially formulated for utility reinstatements, Envirobed® CD534 Flowable high performance bedding mortar is BT LN550 and LN320 compliant and offers superior compressive, tensile and flexural strengths in just 3 hours.

Mortar Buoy® is a ground-breaking, innovative, inflatable access frame that acts as a dam, allowing for a flowable mortar ironwork installation in seconds – revolutionising traditional methods.

Enhance your specification and upgrade your reinstatement with UltraCrete Mortar Buoy®.


The project took place on a mild winter day in December 2021. The work was completed without delay and with minimal disruption. Using Mortar Buoy® instead of a traditional damming mortar increased the speed of the installation, reduced costs and made the install less labour intensive for the team.

On the performance of Mortar Buoy®, John Doherty, Area Supervisor for Telent commented: “Mortar Buoy® makes life much easier versus traditional shuttering for both chamber repair and bedding the ironwork. It is also much faster.”

To find out how you can benefit from UltraCrete’s expert ironwork installation materials, please email or call +44 (0) 1827 254402.

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