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Blackspot Networks

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Blackspot Networks

Welcome to Blackspot Networks, your trusted mobile connectivity solution provider based in the UK. Specialising in seamless 4G and 5G internet connectivity, we solve connectivity challenges for businesses across various sectors.
Whether you're facing limitations in fixed-line connectivity or need stable internet access for your mobile workforce, we've got you covered with bonded connections and failover solutions.
As a master distributor for Panorama Antennas, we offer bespoke hardware solutions tailored to your needs. Our fully managed site connectivity, coupled with custom SLAs, ensures your satisfaction with expert support from our dedicated team.
Whether you operate in commercial, retail, utilities, transportation, construction, or maritime sectors, we keep your business connected 24/7, providing simplicity, stability, and security everywhere you go.
Our Blackspot Connectivity Assessment Toolkit (BCAT) maximises mobile and fixed deployments through network validation, crucial for remote operations or fleet connectivity needs. With our '' toolkit, we expand coverage areas and verify signal attainability, employing drive testing and diverse metrics for comprehensive signal quality assessment.
Our evidence-based approach delivers optimised solutions tailored to your business, guaranteeing a robust and reliable connection for your entire workforce, regardless of location.


Unit 11
Blackwood Hall Business Park
North Yorkshire
United Kingdom
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  • We want to ensure our customers have access to a reliable internet connection no matter where they are located.
  • Simple, Stable & Secure Solutions for Mobile Internet Access.
  • Maximising mobile and fixed deployments through network validation.
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