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BlueGen Water

Stand: A10
  • | Drinking Water Quality
  • | Flexible Energy
  • | Infrastructure - Site, Kit and Plant
  • | Infrastructure - Contractor/ Engineering Consultancy
  • | Sustainability
  • | Water – Utility
  • | Energy flexibility
  • | Innovation
  • | Customer, culture and workforce
  • | Sustainable infrastructure
BlueGen Water

BlueGen Water offers proven cost-effective wastewater treatment solutions for the UK Water Industry, based on energy efficiency, minimal footprint & operational simplicity. With expertise in AGAR®  MBBR, AGAR® IFAS, CAS and MBR processes, we can tailor solutions to suit, whether that is increased capacity, optimising performance or removal of priority substances. Our AGAR® PnP modular (Plug & Play) is a compact, automated decentralized WWTP for small towns and villages. 

With a long-standing history of working in the UK and multiple municipal and industrial references, we understand the challenges faced by Water Companies in meeting AMP8, achieving environmental  compliance, alongside that of the commitment to the circular economy.


Woodland Lodge, Dunston Business Village
Dunston, Staffordshire
ST18 9AB
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  • BlueGen Water prioritizes protecting global ecosystems and developing sustainable solutions. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability is reflected in our CAPSULE™ solution, a modular and contai ...
  • The AGAR® (Attached Growth Airlift Reactor) technology, employs biofilm grown on carrier media to aerobically degrade wastewater pollutants. With AGAR® IFAS (Integrated Fixed-film Activated Sludge), w ...
  • AGAR® PnP (Plug and Play) offers containerized units for small decentralized WWTPs based on AGAR® MBBR technology. The AGAR® PnP units are fully automated and can be shipped to any location worldwide. ...
  • AGAR® (Attached Growth Airlift Reactor) technology, uses biofilm grown on carrier media to degrade soluble pollutants in wastewater. The AGAR® MBBR is a single-through process that utilizes our carrie ...


  • Since 1988 BlueGen Water is a leading global solutions provider for water & wastewater treatment, committed to sustaining the future of our planet, through cutting-edge and efficient processes.      
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