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Stand: J20
  • | Asset Management
  • | Information and Data/ Digitalisation
  • | Infrastructure - Digital/ Data support
  • | Professional Services -Tech/ Data Consultancy
  • | Innovation
  • | Sustainable infrastructure

About Cyberhawk

Founded in 2008, Cyberhawk™ was the first company in the world to use unmanned vehicles to inspect industrial assets. Cyberhawk’s world-class pilots and inspection engineers have completed over 200,000 UAS inspection missions, with 300+ customers, in over 40 countries.

Today, the Cyberhawk team continues to lead close visual inspections of critical assets including electrical grids, power generation sites, oil and gas structures and capital-intensive industrial construction projects – while always putting safety at the forefront of our operational excellence.

Using Cyberhawk’s intuitive, cloud-based, AI-powered visualization software platform, iHawk™, we consolidate diverse sources of inspection data to provide a single source of truth for assets at any scale and translate these findings into actions. We are experts at finding defects in critical energy infrastructure which can impact our environment and the communities our customers serve, and we deliver solutions which are critical to our customers’ ability to document capital intensive industrial sites.

Cyberhawk is changing the way our industry has operated for 75-years by empowering our customers to harness the full power of their data and visual assets, integrating both within workflows, and sharing this information across their enterprises. This leads to better decisions, faster, and saving our customers hundreds of millions of dollars in the process.


EIAC Ratho
5th Floor
EH28 8AA
United Kingdom
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